In honor of Hulk Hogan's 70th birthday (Aug 11th) this Chinese Thursday report is written as a Hulk Hogan promo:

Hulk Hogan: "Well ya know somethin' Mean Gene,I was just ordering some Chinese food from China House Buffet, dude
the delivery was so fast, it could have been a new record, JACK!"

Mean Gene Okerluind: "How fast was it Hulk Hogan?"

Hogan: "It was 14 minutes! That's crazy! And I had 20 bucks cash on me, Dude!"

Mean Gene: "Only 20 dollars? Cash?"

Hogan: "Cash is always a pain, because a lot of places have these bizarre delivery minimums, dude.
But not China House Buffet! They don't care if you only have 20 bucks, they'll still deliver your food right to your door, Mean Gene!
So if you're looking for some great Chinese food that's delivered fast and doesn't have a crazy delivery minimum, dudes!
The China House Buffet is the place for you, maniacs!
Just ask for the Hulkster special, and you won't be disappointed.
And remember, brother, if you're not happy with your food, you can always bring it back and Hulk Hogan will leg drop you.
That's the Hulkster guarantee! So what are you waiting for? Order your Chinese food from China House Buffet today!"