In Tribute to Windham Rotunda "Bray Wyatt" and "The Hardcore Legend" Terry Funk

Bray Wyatt: "The Eater of Worlds is here I'm here to talk about Green China.
I ordered my food online, and it was delivered in 18 minutes.
That's fast, man. Like real fast...
My order was special fried rice and a crab stick, and it was great.
The rice was cooked perfectly, and the crab stick was juicy and flavorful.
I aint gunna lie, the family little skeptical about ordering Chinese food online,
but I'm glad I did. Green China is the real deal.
If you're looking for great Chinese food, I highly recommend Green China.
Sister Abigail and Uncle Howdy say you won't be disappointed. Run."

Terry Funk: "I'm the hardcore legend Terry Funk, and I'm here to talk about Emperor China.
I've been eating Chinese food for over 50 years,
Yeah I said 50 fucking years! The Funker knows good Chinese food.
and I can tell you that Emperor China is some of the best I've ever had.
The special fried rice is amazing, and the egg rolls are the perfect size.
I ordered my food online, and it was delivered in 29 minutes.
Yah That's right, 29 minutes. I'm not fucking kidding.
Emperor China is underrated. People don't talk about it enough.
It because of that god dman egg sucking dog Lawler!
But I'm here to tell you, it's the real deal.
So what the fuck you waiting for?
Go to Emperor China today and get your taste buds Funked up."

Bray Wyatt: "If you think China Star is fast...Well Dey been lyin' to ya man..."
Terry Funk: "I want some fried rice! Damn!
I want fried rice now! China Star where are you?
Those Chinese bastards! Where are you China Star?
Where are you ya damn Chinese delivery asshole!
I'm hungry I'm looking around now.
I want fried rice! That fucken delivery guy.
Haaay owner of China Star Yeer mother is a WHOOOOOOOORE!"