AWA JULY 15TH 1986

(For the record this AWA show was delayed until 12:45 due to a College Basketball game)

Here's the AWA tag champions "Playboy" Buddy Rose and Jake "Milkman" Millen with Sheri Martel vs...
Doug and Chad something I didn't catch there names, because Playboy Buddy Rose did the whole I don't weight 271 pounds I weight 217 bit LOL
Rod Torand is on commentary and Rod puts over Playboy Buddy rose
he mentions even though Rose weighs 271 pounds he is one of the most quickest in the AWA and he mentions how the referee has the most thank;less job in the business
the match doesn't start for like 2 minutes because Buddy keeps posing and talking to the fans....
Chad enters the ring at the same time The Milkman enters alot of punches thrown
Buddy enters again and throws Chad into the turnbuckle and then piledriver to Chad 1,2,3 WINNER: PLAYBOY BUDDY ROSE AND JAKE MILKMAN MILLEN WITH SHERI MARTEL


Jesse Hernandez vs Col Debeers

Special Referee Earthquake Farris

(Note: This is freaking awesome dream match, for those that don't know Jesse Hernandez was in the WWF as a jobber named the Intruder, and I'm a HUGE fan of his)
I assume Col. Debeers is feuding with Jimmy Snuka they keep mentioning it...
Col Debeers twirling this mustache LOL this is great!
Col. attack Jesse throwing him into the turnbuckle and kicking him then Jesse gets stuck in the ropes..
Jesse gets out and attempts a comeback then Jesse does what the announcers call a front drop (Well in the UWF they call it the state of emergency)
and 1,2,3 WINNER: COL. DEBBERS (BTW the "Special referee fast counted the count and the announcers even mentioned it WTF?)


Time for the main event all ready? Geez I guess some of this program has been edited...
it's a AWA title match it's BORIS Zhukov WITH SHEIK AGNON ELKAISEY vs. Nick Bokwinkle
Wow a title match huh, well this match starts off very slow BTW Boris has a USSR tattoo on his forehead
a Sheik is a freak chant
leg scissors to Boris
suplex to Boris full nelson to Nick
side headlock to Boris this goes on for another 2 minutes (this match sucks BTW)
back body drop to Boris.. Boris pins Nick Boris has his feet on the rope BTW 1,2 Boris thinks he won
Nick rolls up Boris 1,2,3 WINNER: NICK BOKWINKLE


a promo with Sheik Agnanon elkasiey Sheik says he wants to challenges Nick Bokwinkle to a match anytime and he wants to pick a referee a special referee
a middle eastern referee.. Then Boris says something about a Russian chain match and that's a wrap...

OVERALL: To be honest with everyone other than the Col. Debeers Jesse Hernandez match it really sucked,
then again tonight's/this mornings episode did get delayed so, yeah well hopefully tomorrows episode is better... Till next time - Joe