AWA on ESPN Classic March 1st
Taped: July 22nd 1986 @ Showboat Hotel Las Vegas NV

(BTW This show was delayed until 12:34 because of a college basketball game...again)

Dan Fargo vs Curt Henning
They announce the special referee as Earthquake Farris (now let me get this straight how is he a special referee if he referees every match?)
BTW don Fargo is a weird looking dude he has a beard and a bunch of weird tattoos
now onto the match... side suplex to Curt, chops to Curt, Curt grabs Don's leg and leg drops Don't stomach
Curt goes to the top and does a dropkick from the top 1,2,3 WINNER: CURT HENNING


Tim Peterson vs. Boris Zhukov W/ Sheik Aganon ElKasiey
Boris throws Tim out of the ring..
headbutts to Tim and some boots to Tim
a Sheiks a freak chant
clothesline to Tim
Boris goes to the top rope and misses and he puts his arm over Tim and 1,2,3 for the win? (There's one for botchamania)
WINNER: BORIS ZHUKOV (BTW that has to be the worst count 1,2,3 I've ever seen a referee do it was horrible it was so fast and out out rhythm yes that right it was horrible)

Promo with Nord The Barbarian an Sheik Agnanan El Kasiey here comes Boris Zhukov BTW Sheik has a sword/boomerang LOL
Then here comes Zord with a stretcher and they claim people are going to be in it
Zord then claims they make trains take dirt roads and then he say nobody will ever touch the Sheik

This match is from June 28th 1986 it's Jerry Blackwell vs Stan "The Lariat" Hansen
For the AWA title yeah LOL why is this a title match?
Jerry punches Stan Stan then gets busted open for no reason did he blade too early? Or Did Jerry throw legit?
Stan the tries to slam Jerry and falls that was horrible
Bear hug to Hansen for like 3 minutes.... The referee just got knocked down...
Blackwell splashes Hansen wait there's no referee Stan then takes off his boot and beats Jerry with it
Blackwell is busted open now this is terrible Stan attacks the all ready fallen referee...
now Blackwell attacks Hansen with the boot and the referee gets up and WINNER VIA DQ: JERRY BLACKWELL

Still AWA Champion Stan Hansen!


Back with a promo with Stan Hansen Stan tells us to say no to you know what.. I don't know what, is it drugs?
Is it un-protected sex? I have no damn clue.
Hansen then claims Blackwell's foot injury is a bunch of bull Stan then says he is the champ!

Ali Khan W/ Sheik Adnon El Kasiey vs. Brad Rhingens
Brad just slapped Ali
side suplex to Brad
arm bar to Brad
drop toe hold to Ali
more arm bars this goes on for 2 minutes
headlock to Brad this goes on for about 1 minute
Brad gets thrown out of the ring Brad tries to hit the Sheik
back body drop to Ali
Irish whip into the referee ref is down
Referee is up and calls a DQ Ali attacks a new referee and Brad again
WINNER BRAD RHINGENS and that's all cue credits hey look it's says Verne Gange on the screen!
I love the AWA theme BTW....

OVERALL: "Well I raced from from a local bar that I was in got home at 11:52 hoping to see AWA I had to wait a half hour to see it then it was horrible, yet then again
I was amused at the horrible referee I mean really how could a referee suck I guess whoever Earthquake Farris is is the WORST REFEREE OF ALL TIME! This is just worth watching
if you don't have ESPN Classic call your local cable provider and demand it! Well that's all for this week have a good one! - Joe"

BTW Happy Birthday Dave Marcis!