AWA March 4th 2008
Taped: September 23rd 1986 from the showboat Hotel Las Vegas, NV

Robert Borroughs vs Mr. Go With Larry Zybysico
the announcers claim Mr. Go is a kung fo champion
arm drag take down to Robert
There's a Larry sucks chant
kick to Roberts face
Lord James Bears is on commentary and he basically cuts a promo on how kids watching shouldn't try this at home
clothesline to Robert 1,2,3 WINNER: Mr. Go

Larry Zybysco cuts a promo how AWA hired Jimmy Snuka and Snuka will not stop him nobody will stop him
and nobody will stop him from his destiny

Thomas Pittman vs, Scott Hall
YES! Scott Hall is on people that don't have ESPN Classic are missing out!
back body drop and 2 clotheslines to Thomas bulldog to Thomas 1,23 WINNER: SCOTT HALL
LOL Scott Hall just sat on Thomas when he pinned him LOL
BTW a graphic on the screen says
"AWA notebook: Scott Hall has been voted the most eligible bachelor in the AWA"

Here's a promo with Scott Hall Scoot puts over the AWA and Las Vegas Scott Then calls out Col Debeers Curt Henning who is here for this promo.
Curt says he he has the support of the people and has Scott's back if anyone interviews and whenever Scott Hall faces Col. Debeers he will have a front row seat!

Boris Zhukov and Ali Khan with Sheik Agannon El Kasiey vs. Ruth Cooper and Ray Myers
punches to Myers Zhukov throws Myers out of the ring!
Then he slams him on the concerte floor.
double back body drop to Myers
1,2 Zhukov picks Myers up inter body vice to Myers winner via submission: Boris Zhukov and Ali Khan
Sheik Aganon El Kaisey promo he mentions how Boris will be AWA champion then Boris gets the mic and speaks
Russian then says something about a Russian chain match

Paul Garner vs. AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkle
(now why is a jobber facing the champion who in the hell is booking this, oh wait Verne)
headlock to Garner
shoulder block to Garner
Paul Garner is making a comeback he punches and a single leg take down (yes a jobber is getting a move on the champ)
kick to garners stomach Indian death lock to Garner WINNER VIA SUBMISSION NICK BOCKWINKLE
a graphic on the screen reads: "Nick Bockwinkle won his first AWA title on November 16th 1975

Col. Debeers vs Scott Hall
Scott throws Col. into the turnbuckle
slam to Col.Debeers
Hall goes for the elbow to Col. Debbers Col. moves
there's a USA chant
forearms to Col. Debeers
the announcers said last week Col. Debeers said Scott Hall was a 'steroid baby'
Debeers starts to bite Hall's hand LOL
Hall grabs Col and gives him a bulldog 1,2 Col puts his foot on the rope
Col. pushes Hall into the referee
Hall tries to pick up the referee and col drop kicks Hall into the Referee
back body to Col. Debeers
Debeers and Hall have a stare down
Hall pushes Debeers out of the ring
the graphic on the screen reads:
"Top 5 contenders for the AWA title
1) The Barbarian
2) Col. Debeers
3) Scott Hall
4) Larry Zybyisco
5) Jimmy Snuka"

back with a promo with Scott Hall!!!!!
Scott says he should've won and then Scott says his mother always told him
what goes around comes around, and debeers will get his and he keeps hearing Col Deebers in his head.
AWA Credits That's all...

I would have to say this show was prolly better than RAW, Really I marked like a little
school girl in during the Col. Debeers Scott Hall match! BTW there are rumors on the Internet that
AWA is going to be on at 6o'clock at night which sucks for me because I will be busy, keep it on midnight damn it
well anyways have a good one see y'all tomorrow night/morning! - Joe