doorstopnation FAQs...

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Q: "When did doorstopnation Start?"
A: "Well it started Jan 1 2005 but then the URL was I started using on January 22nd 2006

Q: "What does doorstopnation mean?"
A: "I needed something to call my webiste, then I asked a esoteric wood working teacher what should I call my website and thats what he came up with."

Q: "Whats the deal with the Scott Hall prank calls?"
A: "I started doing that in 2004 just as a joke to mess with a friend of mines father, and it just grew into what it is today."

Q: "Did sponsor Tony Raines at Dover?"
A: "Yes we did, doorstopnation was also on at; Indy Loudon, Talladega, Pocono and other races.."

Q: "How did afford to sponsor a car I mean look at the site it looks like it was started by a 12 year old in the early days of the internet..."
A: "I had some extra money come in though investments and I also I figure to work more and spend less..."

Q: "Whats Fun Friday?"
A: "It's a little parody of the WWE and professional wrestling, as a kid I always did stuff like that I figure to bring it back on the site as a feature every week."

Q: "Whats your favorite moment of the website?"

A: "When the made the Best Buy 400 June 1st, 2008!"

Q: "When does Joe's Variety Hour air?"
A: "Fridays at Four PM on WDXD 101.9."

Q: "What the Hell is up with the Rural Roads?"
A: "I want to give the website a rural setting."

Q: "How much has doorstopnation made in Ad Revune?
A: "Five Dollars! It was a eBay Auction in 2005 won by Lisa Amaro."

Q: "What is doorstopnation Xtra?"
A: "Randomness, basically whatever I'm thinking of, for example heres a doorstopnation Xtra: Bill Clinton, Charles Bronson, Col. Debeers, John Andretti and Gillberg

Q: "Whats the email address?"
A: ""

Q: "Whats the Colorful Quotes?"
A: "Whenever I hear a good quote it goes on there."

a brief history of the site...

I always had a thought of making my own website since going on my buddy sean's computer (he had AOL which to me was like the be all end all I still put over AOL's browser)
Anyways I had this idea and over the years finally I got the idea to start the website well the early days of the site was me making stories up it was like TMZ with a WWE spin.
It was crazy. Then in 2008 I had enough money I contacted Front Row Motorsports I began to sponsor FRM whenever I could the first race doorstopnation was represted was the 2008 "Best Buy 400"
It was a instant hit, but I figured there wasnt enough people talking so I announced a doorstop giveaway for that years Pocono race.
I'm not joking that press release was everywhere I got emails from everywhere I even got a email from some of the troops in Iraq later that year my dad and I sent a bunch of stuff out to help the troops(nobody sends me emails anymore that makes me sad)
Anyways I sent out hundreds of doorstops everywhere to a car dealership in Flordia to a carpet buisness in Ohio it was crazy.