photo IMG_5241_zpsa11f554a.jpg

Mike Tenay: "Welcome to Fun Friday What is akeem doing?!"
Don West: "That is just sooooooooo WRONG!"

 photo IMG_5241_zpsa11f554a.jpg

Mean Gene: "I want to welcome everyone to our sixth anniversary show! I know six years! If this was a child the child would be smarter than the man in charge of this promotion!"
 photo IMG_5241_zpsa11f554a.jpg

John Cena: "I want to say Fun Friday six years is great, I promise to help more dying kids in the next six years!"
 photo IMG_5235_zps1b707f04.jpg

Cena: "as a marine I never quit I never STOP!"
 photo IMG_5233_zpse2a95038.jpg

Cena: "It's my duty to serve man I step up everyday!"
 photo IMG_5234_zps671457ca.jpg

Brock Lesnar's theme hits
 photo IMG_5236_zps0284d8b9.jpg

Lesnar takes down Cena
 photo IMG_5238_zps8bf40a83.jpg

 photo IMG_5237_zps50e31a2b.jpg

Cena gets out of the ring
 photo IMG_5239_zpsdec0e778.jpg

 photo IMG_5240_zpscd7713d3.jpg

Lesnar: "I don't care about kids or these people John I care about beating people up!"
 photo IMG_5240_zpscd7713d3.jpg

Hulk Hogan: "Listen here maniacs six years, Well my maniacs remember a few years ago the maniacs ran wild when I started my own promotion!"
 photo IMG_5242_zpsdf94bb77.jpg

Hogan: "Well maniacs that was the old me the new me reads the secret every morning jack, I think postive!"
 photo IMG_5244_zps0ebd6344.jpg

Hogan: "And one dude I'm getting good vibes from is Kamalao!"
 photo IMG_5243_zps9f2f90ee.jpg

Kamala's theme hits
 photo IMG_5245_zps1d932be6.jpg

Kamala: "It's a honah to help ya hoganster!"
 photo IMG_5246_zpsc55bcbcf.jpg

King Kong Bundy's theme hits
 photo IMG_5247_zps264e5384.jpg

Bundy: "Can you trust him?"
Hogan: "Yeah the brother was made the ill fated Hogan wedding dude!"
 photo IMG_5248_zpse1c3b96c.jpg

shoulder block to Hogan
 photo IMG_5250_zps106802f1.jpg

Kamala takes down Bundy
 photo IMG_5251_zps53e5670d.jpg

Kamala holds Bundy down for the leg drop
 photo IMG_5252_zps80ab312b.jpg

Daniel Bryan: "Punk left us we need another member to face those jokes."
Bret Hart: "I can always call Sami Zayn or Die Hard Eddie Edwards?"
 photo IMG_5253_zps7a11f695.jpg

Bryan: "Naw we need someone who has the best workrate someone who has wrestling infused in DNA!"
Hart: "hmmmm maybe someone from Japan?"
 photo IMG_5253_zps7a11f695.jpg

Bryan: "YES! YES! YES! YES!"
 photo IMG_5254_zps7670d75e.jpg

Tony Chimel: "The winner of this battle royal will get a match for the vacated Texas title!"
 photo IMG_5255_zpse51c6e6c.jpg

big kev boot to hulk
 photo IMG_5256_zps1d5c4c06.jpg

big kev boots skelton warrior out
 photo IMG_5257_zps218b4bbc.jpg

Andre throws out Nash
 photo IMG_5259_zps4ea8edc3.jpg

Nash grabs Andre
 photo IMG_5260_zpsc1309655.jpg

HTM and oreo throw out Andre
 photo IMG_5261_zps3ae6f601.jpg

Andre and Nash trade punches
 photo IMG_5262_zps3a143575.jpg

Oreo throws out Hulk
 photo IMG_5263_zpse0dd23ba.jpg

HTM kicks Oreo in the balls
 photo IMG_5264_zps2fa1e30f.jpg

HTM throws out Oreo
 photo IMG_5265_zps13a7fd34.jpg

Nash grabs HTM
 photo IMG_5266_zps0d1c33be.jpg

HTM is gone
 photo IMG_5267_zps56103d70.jpg

Oreo: "I'm winning that title back for my fans who I love with my heart!"
 photo IMG_5268_zpsa886df60.jpg

Mike Tenay: "We gotta go to the back!"
Don West: "Hurry man HURRY!"

 photo IMG_5269_zps1d0b1de4.jpg

 photo IMG_5273_zps7994edd7.jpg

 photo IMG_5271_zpseba87a88.jpg

 photo IMG_5272_zps150db755.jpg

 photo IMG_5270_zps2395935a.jpg

Bill Rock: "This is Bill Rock host of Fun Friday the longest running episonic E-Fed to share with you a Fun Friday memory.
Hello Bill,
I've been working this show on the internet which has been going on for six years and 350 episodes.
I wonder why I do it every week? It seems I have wasted my life producing these episodes.
I could've been out meeting somone or doing something productive instead I'm here wasting my time.
Why I ask. Why? What did I do? Come to think if it maybe I deserve it I've been making a certain Radio DJ read fake emails every week.
I email this DJ thinking Maybe if I can be like that certain radio DJ maybe people would like me?
(I wonder who that is? Is that me?) Bill please help me. My life is fucked.
Joe Laracuente
Well Joe HAHAHAHA I don't know what to tell you maybe try expressing your anger into something like an E-Fed or try emailing that DJ
I'm going to play a song for you I find it fits here I'm going to play I believe for you because I believe in you."