Mean Gene: "I'm sure You all heard of ellen degeneres' selfie Well I'm going to try and break that record with the Mean Gene selfie!"
 photo IMG_5278_zps7095b638.jpg

Dusty Rhodes: "Daddeh last week was a coawrd act dat funk jumped da american dream from behind!"
 photo IMG_5282_zps64a8f1f3.jpg

Dusty: "I was born in Austin daddeh if you wanna fight you go face to face not any of dis jumpin' stuff daddeh!"
 photo IMG_5281_zpsbd0de8d2.jpg

Dusty: "Now Funk get ya trailer park ass out here right now!"
 photo IMG_5280_zpscfbc817c.jpg

Terry Funk's theme hits
 photo IMG_5283_zps65116be3.jpg

Terry Funk: "HEY DUSTY! I didn't jump you. HEY DUSTY I didn't attack you!"
 photo IMG_5284_zps6c91cea4.jpg

Terry Funk: "You've known me for all the years one thing I ain't thats a liar I maybe a pig, an idiot, a communist, but I am not a porn star!"
 photo IMG_5284_zps6c91cea4.jpg

both scramble for the chair
Terry Funk: "I'm gonna get it!"
 photo IMG_5284_zps6c91cea4.jpg

 photo IMG_5286_zps09bcb6f0.jpg

hits dusty
 photo IMG_5288_zpsf84fbb9a.jpg

Terry Funk: "You see Dusty once I take you down and win that fucking belt I will take it back to mah trailer park!"
 photo IMG_5289_zpse2f08815.jpg

Terry Funk: "I'm going to throw a parade at the cactus trailer park!"
 photo IMG_5291_zpsd8232670.jpg

Dusty hits Funk with the title
 photo IMG_5292_zpsce64a4f8.jpg

Batista Junior: "Mean Gene, we don't care about selfies we care about Hogan and my father!"
 photo IMG_5276_zps14acb444.jpg

Bundy: "And of course those two midgets and the one that walked out!"
 photo IMG_5275_zpsacf83b72.jpg

Bundy: "Go ahead walk you skinny midget NOBODY CARE but you and the internet!"
 photo IMG_5279_zps7585c808.jpg

Gene: "Wow strong words how many retweets have I gotten..... Oh mah goodness!"
 photo IMG_5277_zps7aa9ef30.jpg

Andre: "Kevin Nash get out here I want one on one match... NOW!"
 photo IMG_5293_zps68b8a297.jpg

 photo IMG_5294_zps8eda6c12.jpg

 photo IMG_5296_zpsaa14756a.jpg

 photo IMG_5295_zps9fc46bcd.jpg

 photo IMG_5297_zps0678ebe8.jpg

 photo IMG_5299_zps734c147a.jpg

 photo IMG_5300_zps6fa1edbb.jpg

 photo IMG_5298_zps8a7e83d8.jpg

 photo IMG_5301_zpsc30d5dd0.jpg

 photo IMG_5302_zps712b1896.jpg

 photo IMG_5303_zps228fe889.jpg

 photo IMG_5304_zpsab162453.jpg

 photo IMG_5305_zps3e21194b.jpg

John Cena's theme hits
 photo IMG_5306_zps3001d7d0.jpg

hits Cena with a chair
 photo IMG_5308_zps87908c9f.jpg

Oreo: "I wish who ever wins this battle royal the best of luck against me!"
 photo IMG_5309_zps86c342e8.jpg

Tony Chimel: "The following match is a battle royal the winner face Oreo for the vacant Texas title on St. Patricks day!"
 photo IMG_5310_zps372911f2.jpg

 photo IMG_5311_zpsa195ad10.jpg

HTM throws Skelton Warrior
 photo IMG_5312_zps123f527b.jpg

3 men take out bam bam bigelow
 photo IMG_5314_zpsff5c075f.jpg

Jeff jarrett boots out the hotdog
 photo IMG_5315_zpsf4b9d536.jpg

Freddie throws out Colin Delaney
 photo IMG_5313_zps9469c275.jpg

HTM throws out Freddie
 photo IMG_5316_zpsc1bf9d08.jpg

Jeff goes for HTM
 photo IMG_5318_zps144a85f6.jpg

 photo IMG_5317_zpsb0a5838e.jpg

 photo IMG_5319_zpsb117613a.jpg

 photo IMG_5320_zpsc3cd0b44.jpg

Bill Rock: "Mean Gene's selfie is trending! I hope everyone had fun!"