Mean Gene: "Hello ladies and gentlemen I'm standing outside of Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota, Florida for the Baltimore Orioles spring training."
 photo IMG_5428_zps3336f9e7.jpg

Mean Gene: "Before I go I want to say a Brock Lesnar versus Kevin Nash in a cliff match has been booked for today. I'll see ya!"
 photo IMG_5427_zps7212a717.jpg

Bret Hart: "Is Team workrate the most unstoppable force in WRESTLING?"
 photo IMG_5373_zpsd0f0fa5b.jpg

Daniel Bryan: "YES! YES! YES!"
 photo IMG_5371_zps1277e6dd.jpg

Kamala: "wHAOW HOLD ON! Hold on dere we all know dat Hulkamania is unstoppable!"
 photo IMG_5375_zpsa49c5ff7.jpg

Bret: "He can't fucking wreste and neither can you fatty!"
Kamala: "Well I den challenge one of ya'll to a rasslin match you dig?"
 photo IMG_5376_zps7ec38d6e.jpg

Bryan: "YES! YES! YES!"
Kamala: "I was gunna go to da olympics in Uganga!"
 photo IMG_5377_zps115ad734.jpg

Kamala: "Whoaw hold up what is dis? is dis like in da jungle when da animals are ready to mate?
 photo IMG_5378_zps99cc32fc.jpg

 photo IMG_5379_zps91a67627.jpg

Kamala: "I got ya kid..."
 photo IMG_5380_zps83be8edb.jpg

 photo IMG_5381_zps390c6852.jpg

 photo IMG_5382_zpsadd7ae37.jpg

 photo IMG_5383_zps4c44558a.jpg

 photo IMG_5383_zps4c44558a.jpg

 photo IMG_5383_zps4c44558a.jpg

 photo IMG_5384_zpsf09e6fbd.jpg

Kamala: "One, two........."
 photo IMG_5385_zps62fcbeb7.jpg

kicks Kamala in the balls
 photo IMG_5386_zpsd7783bbd.jpg

 photo IMG_5387_zps21d9f1b4.jpg

 photo IMG_5388_zps478a0b71.jpg

 photo IMG_5389_zps323e174e.jpg

avalanche to bryan
 photo IMG_5390_zps0f9c8bbe.jpg

Oreo: "Luck of da Irish for me I need all the luck I won't get injured I was told me match on St. Patricks against HTM will be a ladder match!"
 photo IMG_5391_zpsc6bdec1f.jpg

Tony Chimel: "currently in the ring from Knoxville, Tennessse the Skelton Warrior!"
 photo IMG_5392_zps6c3aac93.jpg

HTM's theme hits  photo IMG_5393_zps6aa412f8.jpg

HTM: "I know your going to be nervous so Take your time if you think yor going fast you are..."
 photo IMG_5394_zps1c461454.jpg

HTM kicks Skelton Warrior in the balls
 photo IMG_5395_zps9c078050.jpg

 photo IMG_5396_zps31071179.jpg

Terry Funk: "Dusty is not here that fucking coward... WHAT A FUCKING COWARD!"
 photo IMG_5397_zpscb98e695.jpg

Terry Funk: "ahhhhhhhh Fucking coward.........."
 photo IMG_5397_zpscb98e695.jpg

Kevin Nash: "Lesnar where are you?"
 photo IMG_5399_zpsa22f72e1.jpg

 photo IMG_5400_zpse53bd48d.jpg

 photo IMG_5401_zps52649ef0.jpg

punches Nash
 photo IMG_5402_zps1b31f6e3.jpg

 photo IMG_5403_zpsabd21d41.jpg

 photo IMG_5404_zps76d5315e.jpg

 photo IMG_5405_zpsf71e8a08.jpg

 photo IMG_5406_zps7b2ec88d.jpg

 photo IMG_5407_zps11eb7bc7.jpg

 photo IMG_5408_zpsf2cbdbdb.jpg

 photo IMG_5409_zpsd96d9d0d.jpg

big Kev boot to Lesnar
 photo IMG_5410_zps322fbfc8.jpg

 photo IMG_5411_zpse2c8cec1.jpg

 photo IMG_5412_zps193ee769.jpg

 photo IMG_5413_zps081e9ab5.jpg

 photo IMG_5414_zpsd9505cef.jpg

John Cena hits lesnar with a chair
 photo IMG_5415_zps0e2e9f2c.jpg

 photo IMG_5416_zps5ad26720.jpg

Lesnar falls off the cliff
 photo IMG_5417_zps17db9093.jpg

 photo IMG_5419_zps12b7f59c.jpg

Cena: "Lesnar you don't make fun of sick children!"
 photo IMG_5420_zps9d751375.jpg

Big Kev boot to Cena
 photo IMG_5421_zps5e4dbf09.jpg

Nash: "I only care about me!"
 photo IMG_5422_zps98bbbcbe.jpg

 photo IMG_5423_zps7fc9f7fd.jpg

 photo IMG_5424_zps38b104c1.jpg

Nash falls
 photo IMG_5425_zps2456ccd9.jpg

Cena: "No the kids come first! CENATION FOR LIFE!"
 photo IMG_5426_zpsa6c05825.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"

St. Patricks Day March 17th:
Oreo vs HTM in a LADDER match for the vacant Texas title