photo IMG_5048_zpse28b95b1.jpg

Mean Gene: "Whew I'm back from vacation for this St. Patricks day showdown between the HTM and Oreo!"
 photo IMG_5048_zpse28b95b1.jpg

Mean Gene: "Who will get lucky and climb for the gold I guess you can say it's over the rainbow?"
 photo IMG_5048_zpse28b95b1.jpg

Oreo's theme hits
 photo IMG_5049_zpscf09e503.jpg

Oreo: "I will respect this title and the great people of Texas!"
 photo IMG_5051_zpsd311688f.jpg

HTM's theme hits
 photo IMG_5052_zpse890ce89.jpg

elbow to Oreo
 photo IMG_5054_zpsc8bcd60e.jpg

boot to Oreo
 photo IMG_5053_zps036f28be.jpg

 photo IMG_5056_zpse258144e.jpg

kick to oreo
 photo IMG_5055_zps092b9d5c.jpg

both fall
 photo IMG_5058_zps2b56a230.jpg

HTM climbs the ladder
 photo IMG_5059_zpsda011c02.jpg

HTM goes for the title
 photo IMG_5061_zpsaf647259.jpg

Jeff Jarrett grabs HTM
 photo IMG_5062_zpsca892efe.jpg

Jeff: "I created my own thing!"
 photo IMG_5063_zpsb0a078b8.jpg

punches HTM
 photo IMG_5064_zps0a53b491.jpg

Marc Mero jumps Jeff
 photo IMG_5065_zpsf8a8ee0e.jpg

DDT to Mero
 photo IMG_5066_zpsa9c8d130.jpg

 photo IMG_5068_zpsed9f4dce.jpg

 photo IMG_5070_zps5f8adea5.jpg

jacknive to Colin Delaney
 photo IMG_5072_zps9feb1479.jpg

Nash: "Thats for fucking me over on Valentines day!"
 photo IMG_5073_zpsb970377f.jpg

Paul Orndorff hits Nash
 photo IMG_5074_zpsf07c2d90.jpg

RatKing and the hot dog attack both men
 photo IMG_5075_zpsb0e40701.jpg

belly to belly suplex to the hulk
 photo IMG_5076_zps676e6b15.jpg

Freddie hits Skelton Warrior with a chair
 photo IMG_5079_zps1cc7d322.jpg

Freddie sets up the ladder
 photo IMG_5080_zpsa2e0b76e.jpg

Freddie climbs the ladder
 photo IMG_5081_zpsd8036ad1.jpg

 photo IMG_5082_zps563d2fa9.jpg

 photo IMG_5085_zpsb5e9bb3b.jpg

Oreo pushes Freddie battle on the top  photo IMG_5083_zpsee44e0de.jpg

both fall
 photo IMG_5087_zpse0320208.jpg

HTM goes for the title
 photo IMG_5088_zps41ece44e.jpg

Nash: "I did draw in Denver Colorado smartass!"
 photo IMG_5090_zpsbbcca590.jpg

Jake roberts: "I think I left a rental car in Denver."
 photo IMG_5092_zps04046b9f.jpg

Nash goes for the title
 photo IMG_5091_zps1393ff9b.jpg

someone pushes the ladder
 photo IMG_5093_zpsbd6901e5.jpg

 photo IMG_5094_zps8a0cb684.jpg

 photo IMG_5095_zps94032b3f.jpg

 photo IMG_5097_zps74ef3599.jpg

 photo IMG_5099_zps9d05d1a0.jpg

 photo IMG_5098_zpse1b58250.jpg

Dolph: "Yes ladies and gentlement mostly LADIES I am YOUR Texas Champion!"
 photo IMG_5100_zpse7f09381.jpg

Mean Gene: "Oh mah god the Show off!"
Dolph: "Thats right I'm a show off and I'm damn proud of it I go out and steal the show!"
 photo IMG_5101_zps06c32cba.jpg

Dolph: "And this Texas title shows that I'm the SHOW OFF!"
 photo IMG_5102_zpscd558d38.jpg

Dolph: "I'm so damn sick of being so damn sick, and to cure my sickness will be this title!"
 photo IMG_5104_zps805aa90c.jpg

Dolph: "...................SHOW OFF!"
 photo IMG_5104_zps805aa90c.jpg

Bill Rock: "I won't do my irish impression it might upset Clemintine... I hope everyone had fun!"