Bret Hart: "We ARE here to show all of all of our smart WRESTLING fans!"
 photo IMG_5467_zps9a4fafe6.jpg

Daniel Bryan: "Say YES to the Workrate movement!"
 photo IMG_5468_zpsc5d46a7e.jpg

Bryan: "YES! YES! YES!"
 photo IMG_5469_zps90cc6ab9.jpg

spear to bret
 photo IMG_5470_zpsf55419aa.jpg

punchs to bret
 photo IMG_5472_zps3d1ea975.jpg

 photo IMG_5471_zps0f880719.jpg

avalanche to bryan
 photo IMG_5473_zps6229d681.jpg

 photo IMG_5474_zps0934590d.jpg

Kamala and hogan!
 photo IMG_5475_zpsd770b09d.jpg

Bear hug to Batista jr
 photo IMG_5477_zps12df0871.jpg

big boot to bundy
 photo IMG_5476_zps718d10f5.jpg

Kamala slams junior on top of Bret
 photo IMG_5478_zps419ec277.jpg

Kamala: "Dats how we do it country style!"
Hogan: "Iam from Port tampa SOG style BRAH!"
 photo IMG_5479_zps9f2eb6e8.jpg

Don Muraco: "Dolph Ziggler had no-"
 photo IMG_5482_zps9e80123c.jpg

HTM: "Once they put you in baby blue your finished!"
 photo IMG_5484_zpsa3c46842.jpg

Bigleow attacks Daniel Bryan
 photo IMG_5480_zps168238f2.jpg

Bam Bam Bigleow: "I'm the member of the better business bureau!"
 photo IMG_5481_zpsaf176f07.jpg

John Cena: "Brock Lesnar is once again not here! I'm here every week for the Cenation!"
 photo IMG_5487_zps885054a8.jpg

Cena: "Lesnar I have to beat you my legacy is on the line!"
 photo IMG_5486_zps1fbfad0a.jpg

Dusty Rhodes: "Terrah Funk that trailer park trash wanna be neveah was!"
 photo IMG_5488_zps3e47b5ef.jpg

Dusty: "I sold out Madison Square gardun against Billah Graham while Funk was wrestling in his back yard!"
 photo IMG_5490_zpsff5185e8.jpg

Dusty: "Terrah listen you are just an indyerific wanna be!"
 photo IMG_5489_zpsfdd61f25.jpg

Terry Funk's theme hits
 photo IMG_5492_zps8dafdf06.jpg

Dusty: "You gotta sumthang to say to da champ?"
Terry Funk: "Yeah... FUCK YOU!"
 photo IMG_5494_zps099f8e9a.jpg

Dusty: "Fuck me? I represent this whole damn promotion!"
Terry: "HAHA You do not represent us you make me sick!"
 photo IMG_5493_zps9071f183.jpg

Dusty: "Just looking at your white trash ass makes me sick!"
Terry: "I'm going to fucking kill you you understand that?"
 photo IMG_5495_zps477d60c0.jpg

Dusty: "What are you gonna do? Go ahead try me!"
Terry: "Watch!"
 photo IMG_5497_zpsbd95818d.jpg

slaps Dusty
 photo IMG_5498_zpsc99b5861.jpg

punches dusty
 photo IMG_5499_zpscf8bda89.jpg

dusty goes after funk
 photo IMG_5501_zps48c892b7.jpg

 photo IMG_5502_zps415a3df4.jpg

F5 to Terry and Dusty
 photo IMG_5503_zps2bb4df9b.jpg

 photo IMG_5506_zps244ad1bb.jpg

 photo IMG_5505_zps92d84d00.jpg

 photo IMG_5504_zpsc5594b39.jpg

Lesnar: "I gunna be the champion OK?"
 photo IMG_5508_zpsb9dd8929.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"