Bret Hart: "All of Reddit is a buzz over our 3rd man next week. Who will it be?"
 photo IMG_5516_zpsf40056f2.jpg

Bret: "I'll give all of our smark fans a clue it's someone we respect!"
 photo IMG_5517_zpse3305de1.jpg

Daniel Bryan: "And NO.. NO! it is NOT CM Punk he did the right thing and quit this damn company!"
 photo IMG_5518_zpsb4edea4f.jpg

Terry Funk's theme hits
 photo IMG_5519_zps95ed9701.jpg

Terry Funk: "Somone mention CM Quitter?"
Bret: "It's not your place!"
 photo IMG_5520_zps2807beb4.jpg

Funk: "Let me tell you somethin' you fuck I drove for 1200 miles to get a five dollar fucken paycheck and I didn't quit you FUCK!"
 photo IMG_5520_zps2807beb4.jpg

slaps Bryan
 photo IMG_5521_zps17bbd124.jpg

drop kick to funk
 photo IMG_5522_zpse3c4b557.jpg

punches bryan
 photo IMG_5523_zps9ea9f119.jpg

punches funk
 photo IMG_5525_zps35461920.jpg

Bryan goes to the top
 photo IMG_5526_zpsf6350aa1.jpg

 photo IMG_5527_zps7d44e7e7.jpg

Bryan: "Time to get into WRESTLING mode!"
 photo IMG_5529_zps9f8b1155.jpg

wrestling takedown to bryan
 photo IMG_5530_zps98357d2e.jpg

 photo IMG_5531_zps130e1a08.jpg

Bret: "Use the counter Stu Hart taught me!"
 photo IMG_5532_zps46d54762.jpg

Bret: "C'mon this is a wrestling show not a carnival! Use the Stu counter!"
 photo IMG_5533_zpsfffa6d80.jpg

armbar to funk
 photo IMG_5534_zps0e1fddc8.jpg

 photo IMG_5535_zpsfd3aca31.jpg

bryan goes for the legs
 photo IMG_5528_zpsb17a0679.jpg

funk kicks bryan in the balls
 photo IMG_5536_zps02433983.jpg

elbow to bryan
 photo IMG_5537_zpsd50714bb.jpg

funk puts bryan to the top
 photo IMG_5538_zpsb3e0b6ba.jpg

suplex to bryan off the top!
 photo IMG_5539_zps620e0ec3.jpg

 photo IMG_5540_zps1d5c9ec3.jpg

bryan kicks out
 photo IMG_5542_zpsf92171d2.jpg

piledriver to bryan
 photo IMG_5543_zps8982968e.jpg

 photo IMG_5524_zps0aee58ac.jpg

 photo IMG_5545_zps4f48d44e.jpg

Bret breaks the count
 photo IMG_5546_zps7133f7c5.jpg

bret punches funk
 photo IMG_5547_zpsf875c303.jpg

bret grabs funk
Dusty: "This is da closest you will git to da gold!"
 photo IMG_5548_zpsf5d9b40d.jpg

Dusty: "I'm gonna knock ya face off!"
 photo IMG_5549_zps7c069b99.jpg

funk ducks and Dusty hits bret
 photo IMG_5550_zps75200492.jpg

bret falls out of the ring
 photo IMG_5552_zpsccaff264.jpg

funk kicks dusty in the balls
 photo IMG_5553_zpsc9baa46c.jpg

Funk: "I want that fucken belt!"
 photo IMG_5554_zpsf12cf0a4.jpg

Mike Tenay: "We gotta go to the back someone is beat down!"
Don West: "Get the cameras out there hurry man hurry!"

avalanche to hogan
 photo IMG_5555_zps037a0cbc.jpg

bam bam bigelow splash to hogan
 photo IMG_5556_zps9738e0b0.jpg

Oreo: "Dolph Ziggler I formally challenge you to a one on one enoucnter for my beloved Texas title. We will steal the show next week!"
 photo IMG_5582_zpsb5ec4047.jpg

Kevin Nash: "John Cena is all saying he does everything for the kids? Really? He's been in the spotlight how long. He can't carry my jock!"
 photo IMG_5558_zps8d61bf9a.jpg

John Cena's theme hits
 photo IMG_5559_zps5832d93b.jpg

Cena: "I do EVERYTHING for the kids! What have yo done for the kids?"
Nash: "Two things jack and SHIT!"
 photo IMG_5560_zps487b4569.jpg

shoulder block to nash
 photo IMG_5561_zpsb7abb3e4.jpg

cena goes to the top
 photo IMG_5563_zps9dc5b238.jpg

boot to cena
 photo IMG_5564_zpscf02a9c6.jpg

punches to cena
 photo IMG_5567_zpsf64fb5b7.jpg

 photo IMG_5565_zps45e0f1c1.jpg

clothesline to cena
 photo IMG_5568_zpsb1ea6df2.jpg

chokes cena
 photo IMG_5566_zps0050820e.jpg

jacknive to cena
 photo IMG_5569_zpsc8ec8f29.jpg

cena counters
 photo IMG_5570_zps142eb9b3.jpg

punches nash
 photo IMG_5562_zps7c87dd96.jpg

STF to Nash
 photo IMG_5571_zps5b57f4e3.jpg

 photo IMG_5572_zps4fbb8a32.jpg

 photo IMG_5575_zpse6cf8788.jpg

Brock Lesnar breaks the submisson with a chair!
 photo IMG_5576_zps8d50bf80.jpg

 photo IMG_5578_zps9ba16214.jpg

Lesnar: "Gimmie the camera!"
 photo IMG_5581_zps859f5e5e.jpg

Lesnar: "Cena you will be dead next week!"
 photo IMG_5580_zps10ffe58b.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"

Brock Lesnar vs John Cena for the #1 contendership
Terry Funk vs Dusty Rhodes for the Fun Friday title