Mean Gene: "As you can see the dark clouds have moved in.......Welcome to Bozeman Montana!"
 photo IMG_5743_zps7dbcbe27.jpg

Mean Gene: "Big sky country and well we got some big matches no doubt lets get to it!"
 photo IMG_5605_zps5ee44b69.jpg

Tony Chimel: "The following is the four man battle royal for the Texas title!"
 photo IMG_5585_zps23de8938.jpg

Dolph Ziggler's theme hits
 photo IMG_5586_zpsde5029d9.jpg

Tony Chimel: "The current Texas champion the SHOW OFF.... DOLPH ZIGGLER!"
 photo IMG_5587_zpsb0903e6d.jpg

Ziggler goes after THE Hulk
 photo IMG_5588_zps58689cfc.jpg

punches oreo
 photo IMG_5589_zps5af4bebc.jpg

Ziggler throws out Hulk
 photo IMG_5590_zps745b9c6b.jpg

 photo IMG_5593_zps3eed8f69.jpg

HTM punches Oreo
 photo IMG_5591_zps1b6a2db9.jpg

kick to Oreo
 photo IMG_5592_zps37a0a368.jpg

HTM throws out Oreo
 photo IMG_5594_zpse43732d0.jpg

Ziggler: "I always SHOW OFF!"
HTM: "I always SHOOT so what the fuck?"
 photo IMG_5595_zps40e55b33.jpg

head scissors to HTM
 photo IMG_5596_zps88cd78db.jpg

HTM goes for Ziggler
 photo IMG_5597_zpsd7071202.jpg

 photo IMG_5598_zps4e82f74e.jpg

Ziggler holds onto HTM
 photo IMG_5599_zps7ccb4927.jpg

 photo IMG_5600_zps806e1ed9.jpg

 photo IMG_5601_zps28332048.jpg

Mean Gene: "I have just been told a Cliff match stipulation has been added to the Cena Lesnar match.... I have a very special guest at this time... Jake Roberts!"
 photo IMG_5602_zps42e76fa0.jpg

Jake Roberts: "I wanna plug DDP Yoga. It has helped me become a better person!"
 photo IMG_5603_zps28bdf0e4.jpg

Roberts: "It can help you get a second chance at life!"
 photo IMG_5604_zpsa1815c71.jpg

Bundy: "Those nerds who can't get laid in a sex factory and a orange overrated joke!"
 photo IMG_5606_zps83384185.jpg

Bundy: "We here at the better business bureau know whats best for the business!"
 photo IMG_5607_zps61770a6b.jpg

Batista Junior: "And you hogan-"
 photo IMG_5608_zps7cab2383.jpg

Hogan grabs Junior
 photo IMG_5609_zpsb17302d1.jpg

punches Bundy
 photo IMG_5610_zps6b94a3cb.jpg

splash to bigelow
 photo IMG_5611_zps140b3e04.jpg

 photo IMG_5613_zps9d39008f.jpg

spear to bundy
 photo IMG_5614_zps2e143539.jpg

Hogan: "Time to give my maniacs What they want........"
 photo IMG_5615_zps57facfa7.jpg

drop kick to hogan
 photo IMG_5616_zps6565b43e.jpg

Daniel Bryan: "All of your maniacs are my YESMEN! YES! YES! YES!"
 photo IMG_5618_zps96e2084f.jpg

sharpshooter to batista sr
 photo IMG_5621_zps36631ae8.jpg

kamala breaks it
 photo IMG_5622_zpsbd2b26c6.jpg

YES lock to Hogan
 photo IMG_5623_zps48af5862.jpg

 photo IMG_5625_zps941444f7.jpg

Bigelow's head butt breaks it breaks it
 photo IMG_5624_zps4f11051b.jpg

 photo IMG_5626_zpsc6a7d1b7.jpg

Kamala breaks the pin
 photo IMG_5627_zpsf786b1db.jpg

chokes bigelow
 photo IMG_5628_zps2b7e0ab8.jpg

big boot to Bigelow
 photo IMG_5629_zpse5199ac3.jpg

elbow to Hogan
 photo IMG_5630_zpsb661d376.jpg

YES lock batista sr
 photo IMG_5631_zpsca4fec2a.jpg

Bundy breaks it
 photo IMG_5632_zps9a46b0c6.jpg

Bret puts Kamala into the post
 photo IMG_5633_zps99e9d2db.jpg

clothesline to hogan
 photo IMG_5634_zps6ed1fed4.jpg

punches to batista senior
 photo IMG_5635_zps90205db5.jpg

punches senior out of the ring
 photo IMG_5637_zps605e08ee.jpg

puts senior into the rocks
 photo IMG_5638_zps18450bf9.jpg

 photo IMG_5641_zps233c80cf.jpg

Bryan dives onto the count
 photo IMG_5642_zps3d35b71c.jpg

 photo IMG_5643_zpse01b16bd.jpg

spears Bryan into the rocks
 photo IMG_5639_zps291c9653.jpg

sharpshooter to Kamala
 photo IMG_5644_zps1d45eaa8.jpg

big boot to Bret
 photo IMG_5645_zpsd4514d03.jpg

leg drop to bret
 photo IMG_5646_zps6638369f.jpg

Hogan: "Alright strap in maniacs!"
 photo IMG_5647_zps7b0ab9da.jpg

Hogan: "Hold on tight dudes!"
 photo IMG_5648_zps6b281a04.jpg

 photo IMG_5649_zps1b87f40e.jpg

 photo IMG_5650_zps0e17c8b9.jpg

 photo IMG_5651_zps80aee651.jpg

 photo IMG_5651_zps80aee651.jpg

 photo IMG_5652_zps2f83d3ac.jpg

Kamala: "Noooooooooooooo!"
Bruno: "NO you be saying YEAH. YEAH!"
 photo IMG_5653_zpsb9545626.jpg

Bret: "He's our third man!"
Bruno: "I lyke dis team workrate!"
 photo IMG_5654_zps7f0a578a.jpg

Bruno: "When I came to dis countree I work very hard and dese men work very hard!"
 photo IMG_5655_zps4a49b8b3.jpg

George Klein: "Wow. I know uhhh uhhh the upcoming Match John Cena is fromt hat movie the knockout or something..."
 photo IMG_5655_zps4a49b8b3.jpg

John Cena's theme hits
 photo IMG_5656_zps82f1ac0a.jpg

Cena: "I dedicate this match to lil Danny who is fighting for his life in the ICU!"
 photo IMG_5657_zps8c32d7ff.jpg

Brock Lesnar's theme hits
 photo IMG_5659_zps21577a24.jpg

Tony Chimel: "The way to win this match is by either pin submisson or throwing your opponent off the cliff!"
 photo IMG_5660_zps0189006e.jpg

punches Cena
 photo IMG_5661_zps5d171829.jpg

STF to Lesnar
 photo IMG_5663_zps680991a7.jpg

Lesnar gets to the ropes
 photo IMG_5665_zps10e63cb8.jpg

Cena puts Lesnar into the rocks
 photo IMG_5667_zpsd3bd3e35.jpg

takes Lesnar to the back
 photo IMG_5668_zps7905648c.jpg

lesnar gets cena down
 photo IMG_5744_zps0b49b1ef.jpg

kimora lock to cena
 photo IMG_5745_zps282bb3cd.jpg

 photo IMG_5746_zps541d2f83.jpg

 photo IMG_5747_zpsaaa7e306.jpg

cena gets out
 photo IMG_5748_zps6d98f690.jpg

AA to Lesnar
 photo IMG_5749_zpscd498b4b.jpg

Cena: "c'mon you Goro Look a like!"
 photo IMG_5751_zps6f813744.jpg

 photo IMG_5750_zpsd2dc465b.jpg

STF to Lesnar
 photo IMG_5752_zps962782ea.jpg

 photo IMG_5753_zps726a04b8.jpg

 photo IMG_5754_zps382d1937.jpg

 photo IMG_5755_zpsbd4b8ff4.jpg

Lesnar grabs a chair
 photo IMG_5756_zps088652ac.jpg

 photo IMG_5757_zpsfc96d3fa.jpg

hits Cena with the chair
 photo IMG_5758_zps224b75d1.jpg

 photo IMG_5759_zps133debe1.jpg

 photo IMG_5760_zps89611db4.jpg

 photo IMG_5761_zps9581c139.jpg

 photo IMG_5762_zps26100eb8.jpg

 photo IMG_5763_zpsaf50e4b8.jpg

camera is taken out by lesnar
 photo IMG_5766_zps8708b31a.jpg

 photo IMG_5767_zpsb163be42.jpg

Mike Tenay: "Cena and Lesnar headed on top of the cliff?"
Don West: "Get a camera out there hurry man hurry!

Both are on top of the cliff
 photo IMG_5669_zps854a43d9.jpg

 photo IMG_5670_zpsed567493.jpg

 photo IMG_5671_zpsb2b8e9e5.jpg

 photo IMG_5672_zps88c4be8c.jpg

 photo IMG_5673_zps94cfb2af.jpg

 photo IMG_5675_zpsa17078d5.jpg

 photo IMG_5676_zpsdf1c5610.jpg

 photo IMG_5677_zpsd16ac021.jpg

 photo IMG_5678_zpsdb122b95.jpg

F5 to Cena off the cliff
 photo IMG_5679_zps9e31a3ee.jpg

 photo IMG_5680_zps5e533a31.jpg

 photo IMG_5681_zps00bcc252.jpg

 photo IMG_5682_zpsdbc020c5.jpg

 photo IMG_5684_zps1083e010.jpg

Lesnar: "I'm going after that title, OK?
 photo IMG_5685_zpsb214a384.jpg

Patrick Duffy: "It's main event time. These guys are both nuts! I'm so excited!"
 photo IMG_5685_zpsb214a384.jpg

Terry Funk: "I'm going to finally win the blet!"
 photo IMG_5687_zps75a4f853.jpg

Funk: "Once I win it I will get the money that comes with it and I won't have to sell my secerts of the bible DVDs!"
 photo IMG_5689_zps53a81569.jpg

Dusty Rhodes' theme hits
 photo IMG_5690_zpscb3aa707.jpg

Dusty slips on the wet ring
 photo IMG_5691_zps84116569.jpg

 photo IMG_5693_zpsdbf41801.jpg

 photo IMG_5693_zpsdbf41801.jpg

dusty kicks out
 photo IMG_5694_zps9d21f40a.jpg

puts Dusty into the turnbuckle
 photo IMG_5698_zpsd0445f77.jpg

puts dusty into the rocks
 photo IMG_5699_zps0c49cf62.jpg

takes Dusty to the back
 photo IMG_5700_zpsd5c8720b.jpg

funk drags dusty
 photo IMG_5768_zpsc4a8795c.jpg

beats dusty's head on a chair
 photo IMG_5769_zps3a9adc3a.jpg

puts dusty in the wall
 photo IMG_5770_zps42170624.jpg

low blow to funk
 photo IMG_5771_zps74e312e7.jpg

slaps funk
 photo IMG_5772_zps0c78f0c1.jpg

hits funk in the balls
 photo IMG_5773_zps110023bb.jpg

chokes funk
 photo IMG_5774_zpse0b7052f.jpg

 photo IMG_5775_zpsaaeeb6e8.jpg

Dusty: "Say I quit do ya self a favor and quit!"
 photo IMG_5776_zps2559d50d.jpg

Funk: "You will have to kill me!"
 photo IMG_5777_zps2c44e045.jpg

Dusty: "Say it!"
Funk: "Ahhhh naw ahhhhhhhh bleagh no!"
 photo IMG_5779_zps1f2e7fbc.jpg

 photo IMG_5780_zps22cb8420.jpg

 photo IMG_5782_zps74d4baac.jpg

funk takes dusty to the ring area
 photo IMG_5783_zpsf6494a3c.jpg

puts Dusty into the ring
 photo IMG_5702_zpsf55f1d4e.jpg
chokes dusty
 photo IMG_5703_zpse131a29c.jpg

 photo IMG_5704_zpsa0e8f4e7.jpg

Dusty gets out of the choke
 photo IMG_5705_zps2df9fef9.jpg

in to a piledriver
 photo IMG_5706_zps5f17b6a4.jpg

 photo IMG_5707_zps6d05659c.jpg

 photo IMG_5707_zps6d05659c.jpg

kick to Funk
 photo IMG_5709_zpsc65b1a5e.jpg

the rhodes shuffle to Funk
 photo IMG_5711_zpsb3a3ffa0.jpg

 photo IMG_5712_zps68011c90.jpg

back suplex to funk
 photo IMG_5714_zpsd653b4d2.jpg

both men are down
 photo IMG_5715_zps42f6207e.jpg

 photo IMG_5716_zps66d5bf82.jpg

funk kicks out
 photo IMG_5717_zpsa5bf375b.jpg

sleeper hold to funk
 photo IMG_5719_zpsdef6bdcb.jpg

 photo IMG_5720_zpse22c7768.jpg

funk gets to the ropes
 photo IMG_5722_zps79fb0e8e.jpg

Elbow to funk
 photo IMG_5723_zps11f6a0d6.jpg

 photo IMG_5724_zpsf23e5024.jpg

 photo IMG_5724_zpsf23e5024.jpg

funk kicks out
 photo IMG_5726_zps54121d2b.jpg

 photo IMG_5727_zps2ce9b0be.jpg

 photo IMG_5728_zpsbefcfcc9.jpg

 photo IMG_5729_zpsadc2ba4c.jpg

 photo IMG_5733_zps752a35f4.jpg

 photo IMG_5731_zps80cc1aed.jpg

 photo IMG_5734_zpse44f0712.jpg

 photo IMG_5730_zpsb6ec708f.jpg dusty elbow to funk
 photo IMG_5735_zpse7ecdccc.jpg

 photo IMG_5736_zps82a027c6.jpg

 photo IMG_5737_zps35e989bf.jpg

 photo IMG_5738_zpsb7a5aff2.jpg

Dusty: "Daddeh I killed dat rat Terry!"
 photo IMG_5739_zps7e9e97ac.jpg

Dusty: "I slayed da white trash rat I'm like dat man beowolf dadeh!"
 photo IMG_5740_zpsdf79d7e5.jpg

 photo IMG_5741_zps5168d4ec.jpg

Funk: "I..........can't breathe......."
 photo IMG_5742_zps489a9bbc.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"