Dusty Rhodes: "Last week I took dat ol dog behind da wood shed and pulled da trigger!"
 photo IMG_5793_zpsa2dcaafa.jpg

Dusty: "It's called youth in asia if yunnderstand."
 photo IMG_5792_zps15852acc.jpg

Dusty: "Now I turn mah attention to dat wanna be karate guy-"
 photo IMG_5791_zps047e26a9.jpg

Brock Lesnar's theme hits
 photo IMG_5794_zps5dc61e23.jpg

Brock: "You don't scare me you fat blob!"
Dusty: "I'm on Nurti-system daddeh!"
 photo IMG_5796_zpsf5c13c87.jpg

Brock: "I don't care how fat you are I'm still gonna throw you!"
Dusty: "Listen here my belly may be a lil big it-"
 photo IMG_5795_zps1ac0958d.jpg

Brock takes down Dusty
 photo IMG_5798_zps85c2ff1b.jpg

Mean Gene: "Some action going on there but I got a scoop for everyone!"
 photo IMG_5799_zpsfbb3124d.jpg

Gene: "AJ IS HERE!" AJ: "Thans Gene, I want to tell all the boys."
 photo IMG_5800_zps1d1c37b2.jpg

AJ: "I'm single and ready to mingle!"
 photo IMG_5801_zpsdb052f3f.jpg

AJ: "I'm ready to do whatever!"
 photo IMG_5802_zpsc7bf38dc.jpg

Tony Chimel: "Currently in the ring from the cookie jar.. Oreo!"
 photo IMG_5803_zps946dea31.jpg

Dolph Ziggler's theme hits
 photo IMG_5804_zps98b87a8b.jpg

boot to Oreo
 photo IMG_5805_zpsb4c3ec93.jpg

Ziggler takes down Oreo
 photo IMG_5806_zpse43ee8c3.jpg

take down to ziggler
 photo IMG_5809_zps1a949309.jpg

punches to Ziggler
 photo IMG_5808_zps13093b3c.jpg

oreo goes to the top
 photo IMG_5810_zps2ccd97b5.jpg

bullhammer elbow to Oreo FROM WADE BARRETT
 photo IMG_5811_zps0bade52d.jpg

wade Barrett: "I'm afriad I got some BAD NEWS!"
 photo IMG_5813_zps11c167b5.jpg

King Kong Bundy: "Last week a legend someone I admire showed up bruno sammartino come on out!"
 photo IMG_5814_zps0c280b8d.jpg

Bruno comes out
 photo IMG_5815_zpsa3e6eee3.jpg

Bundy: "You sir got me into wrestling!"
Bruno: "Lets Zee you zir cannot wreztle!"
 photo IMG_5817_zps5d23b413.jpg

drop kick to bundy
 photo IMG_5818_zpscc879017.jpg

punches to Bundy
 photo IMG_5819_zps7bfa2082.jpg

2 on 1 to Bundy
 photo IMG_5820_zpsf073d674.jpg

sharpshooter to bundy
 photo IMG_5821_zps01a7729d.jpg

Bryan goes to the top
 photo IMG_5822_zpsfc8ec0e7.jpg

lands on bigelow and batista senior
 photo IMG_5823_zps744e4592.jpg

Bruno: "We here to work!"
 photo IMG_5824_zps7330e398.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"