photo IMG_6061_zpsdc9b8df2.jpg

Mean Gene: "Welcome to Sioux city Iowa for this Fun Fridy may I introduce the Fun Friday champion... Brock Lesnar!"
 photo IMG_6061_zpsdc9b8df2.jpg

Brock Lesnar's theme hits
 photo IMG_6062_zps8abf8efd.jpg

Mean Gene: "Brock last week you ended the career of Dusty Rhodes, what do you have to say about that?"
 photo IMG_6063_zpsa0db84e9.jpg

Lesnar: "Dusty was a fat out of shape has been I put that old dog down ok?"
 photo IMG_6064_zps057ae0e5.jpg

Lesnar: "I was a UFC champion why would i lose to a plumber?"
 photo IMG_6064_zps057ae0e5.jpg

Oreo: Wait a minute Brock Dusty was a tough wrestler and so am I.. Right now I challenge you for the title!"
 photo IMG_6066_zps1b5a9b59.jpg

Mean Gene: "Wait a second... you Oreo want to go one on one with the beast?"
Oreo: "I will restore some honor to that title!"
 photo IMG_6067_zps3b0b780e.jpg

Lesnar: "I said before I'm a UFC champion you are gonna get ate in this ring!"
Oreo: "BITE ME!"
 photo IMG_6068_zpsd4cfd3bb.jpg

Lesnar tries to bite Oreo
 photo IMG_6069_zpsc9cc7dcd.jpg

puts oreo into the turnbuckle
 photo IMG_6070_zpsa1bb533c.jpg

DDT to Lesnar
 photo IMG_6071_zpsd488ca2c.jpg

 photo IMG_6072_zps5be64b15.jpg

Lesnar kicks out
 photo IMG_6073_zps2cc4f388.jpg

Kimoria lock to Oreo
 photo IMG_6074_zpsfcf96e74.jpg

 photo IMG_6075_zpsab8de860.jpg

Oreo goes for the ropes
 photo IMG_6076_zpse9c6798a.jpg

Lesnar pulls oreo away from the ropes
 photo IMG_6077_zps16c58ec8.jpg

 photo IMG_6078_zps5371cc01.jpg

Oreo taps
 photo IMG_6079_zps274a9fec.jpg

Wade Barrett: "I've got some bad new for Dolph Ziggler I'm winning that Texas title later and I'm going to go back and defend in the streets of London!"
 photo IMG_6080_zps9b6d9355.jpg

Bruno Sammartino: "We have to make an announcement.."
Bret Hart: "Yeah this is about Team Workrate!"
 photo IMG_6081_zps23b97dd2.jpg

Bret Hart: "Daniel Bryan come on out!"
 photo IMG_6082_zpsd8476834.jpg

Daniel Bryan's theme hits
 photo IMG_6083_zpsc0318372.jpg

Bruno: "You sir have not been showing up to work."
Bryan: "I have been on my honeymoon!"
 photo IMG_6084_zps72ab2acc.jpg

Bruno; "Naw you must work you must always work."
Bryan: "NO! NO! NO!"
 photo IMG_6085_zpsc007e910.jpg

Bret: "If you can't work then you can't be apart of Team Workrate!"
Bryan: "What-"
 photo IMG_6086_zps43d3cff1.jpg

2 on 1 beatdown to Bryan
 photo IMG_6088_zps2ca7e942.jpg

Bret goes for the YES lock to Bryan
 photo IMG_6089_zps8cc33b79.jpg

Bryan reverses on Hart
 photo IMG_6090_zpsc2ca0d64.jpg

drop kick to Bruno
 photo IMG_6091_zps2b4fa8eb.jpg

Bryan goes to the top rope
 photo IMG_6092_zps526f59f5.jpg

someone throws bryan off the top
 photo IMG_6096_zpsbf17b86c.jpg

 photo IMG_6097_zpsb48240b5.jpg

 photo IMG_6098_zpsf97d07fc.jpg

YES lock to Bryan
 photo IMG_6099_zps62e6a99c.jpg

 photo IMG_6100_zps78fe46b0.jpg

Bret: "We have replaced Daniel Bryan!"
 photo IMG_6101_zps6ac8d338.jpg

Eric Young: "EY! EY! EY! EY!"
 photo IMG_6103_zps51567dce.jpg

 photo IMG_6102_zpsc1c2bca7.jpg

 photo IMG_6102_zpsc1c2bca7.jpg

Tony Chimel: "The following match is for the Fun Friday title in the ring he is the Texas champion he is from Hollywood..Dolph Ziggler!"
 photo IMG_6104_zpse969c465.jpg

Wade Barrett's theme hits
 photo IMG_6105_zps32b9e4f1.jpg

Ziggler goes after Barrett
 photo IMG_6106_zpse44338ea.jpg

 photo IMG_6107_zps44084da6.jpg

back suplex to ziggler
 photo IMG_6109_zpsa0953e2e.jpg

punches ziggler
 photo IMG_6110_zps62d1fb06.jpg

puts ziggler into the turnbuckle
 photo IMG_6112_zpsa8047f20.jpg

head sicssors to barrett
 photo IMG_6113_zpsb990a100.jpg

dive off the top to barrett
 photo IMG_6114_zps21efcb7d.jpg

suplexs barrett into the ring
 photo IMG_6115_zps5eaf5264.jpg

ziggler dives
 photo IMG_6116_zpsa7c4e82d.jpg

 photo IMG_6117_zps2cfcd8a5.jpg

Wade kicks out
 photo IMG_6118_zps3ad6ccf0.jpg

 photo IMG_6119_zpsd86a63a5.jpg

 photo IMG_6120_zps79f480d7.jpg

Wade kicks out
 photo IMG_6121_zpsc292e41d.jpg

Wade goes for the bullhammer
 photo IMG_6122_zpsc8fa6a30.jpg

Ziggler counters into a sleeper hold
 photo IMG_6123_zps5dd47d4d.jpg

 photo IMG_6124_zpse793e8f7.jpg

barrett is fading
 photo IMG_6125_zps3e5846cf.jpg

AJ low blows Ziggler
 photo IMG_6126_zpsff12a9db.jpg

AJ: "Nobody says no to me!"
 photo IMG_6127_zps317536c1.jpg

Andre boot to Ziggler
 photo IMG_6128_zps941207b3.jpg

 photo IMG_6129_zps68c5ca09.jpg

 photo IMG_6130_zps2803754b.jpg

Andre slaps Ziggler
 photo IMG_6131_zpseb9c213d.jpg

Barrett grabs the title
 photo IMG_6132_zps186ae1e3.jpg

Barrett: "I've got some bad new everyone!"
 photo IMG_6133_zpsc2b0ff8e.jpg

Bill Rock: "I'm going to play the song fool for Mr. Ziggler... I hope everyone had fun!"