photo IMG_6134_zpscdd61037.jpg

Mean Gene: "Welcome to Saginaw, Michigan! We got a great show planned lets get right to it!"
 photo IMG_6134_zpscdd61037.jpg

Wade Barrett: "As the new Texas champion I'm a legit fighter and I would be anyone in a SHOOT!"
 photo IMG_6136_zpsdfecbc7e.jpg

Kamala: "I Can shoot I was on da shooting team in high school!"
Barrett: "HA Really? Get in the ring and show me!"
 photo IMG_6137_zps160f6a93.jpg

Kamala hits Barrett with a chair
 photo IMG_6139_zpsc75795d0.jpg

Air Africa to Barrett
 photo IMG_6140_zps0a967d3c.jpg

Barrett hits Kamala with the title
 photo IMG_6141_zps25890b10.jpg

 photo IMG_6143_zps9a02a90b.jpg

 photo IMG_6144_zps5ec93b7d.jpg

Bret Hart: "Ladies and gentlemen.. Daniel Bryan 2.0!"
Eric Young: "EY! EY! EY! I'm the true internet darling!"
 photo IMG_6146_zpsffc9b150.jpg

Bruno Sammartino: "And he's a good worker!"
 photo IMG_6147_zps930046cf.jpg

Eric: "I started the whole EY movement!"
 photo IMG_6145_zpseb41e2f9.jpg

Eric: "C'mon I'm better than that vanilla midget Daniel Bryan!"
 photo IMG_6148_zpsd691e68b.jpg

drop kick to EY
 photo IMG_6149_zpsaae9d455.jpg

Bret grabs Bryan
 photo IMG_6151_zps411085ec.jpg

bret grabs bryan's leg
 photo IMG_6152_zpsaeb17fbc.jpg

 photo IMG_6153_zps4119c56c.jpg

boot to bryan
 photo IMG_6154_zpsaae58c91.jpg

punches to EY
 photo IMG_6150_zps5abfc1dd.jpg

back supplex to Bryan
 photo IMG_6155_zpscae1ec4c.jpg

Eric: "EY! EY! EY!"
 photo IMG_6157_zps1717a019.jpg

Brock Lesnar: "I'm the champion and it's in my contract I can show up whenever.. OK?"
 photo IMG_6159_zps638614d1.jpg

Dolph Ziggler: "I want to introduce the world to my new girlfriend!"
 photo IMG_6160_zps52c1d177.jpg

Kaitlyn's theme hits
 photo IMG_6162_zps54e55859.jpg

Ziggler: "AJ I never had my sights set on you I always wanted Kaitlyn!"
 photo IMG_6163_zps086ce5f8.jpg

Ziggler: "You see AJ Kaitlyn is not crazy I know what she's like 24/7!"
 photo IMG_6164_zps8ff231ce.jpg

Andre: "Easy dere boss.."
AJ: "Dolph don't lie you know all women are crazy thats why I'm insane!"
 photo IMG_6165_zps1193ee1c.jpg

Andre grabs Ziggler
 photo IMG_6168_zps7bc59c05.jpg

chokes Ziggler
 photo IMG_6169_zpsf18101a1.jpg

head scissors to Kaitlyn
 photo IMG_6170_zps766e2685.jpg

bronco buster to Kaitlyn
 photo IMG_6172_zpsded754b8.jpg

Ziggler puts Andre in the post
 photo IMG_6173_zps70570b1a.jpg

Andre gets into the ropes
 photo IMG_6174_zpsbf516138.jpg

punches Andre
 photo IMG_6175_zps2cde4966.jpg

Kaitlyn kicks andre in the balls
 photo IMG_6177_zps97284947.jpg

AJ rolls up Kaitlyn
 photo IMG_6178_zps50065559.jpg

 photo IMG_6180_zpsbca3ad7c.jpg

Andre breaks the count
 photo IMG_6183_zpse39ce579.jpg

shoulder block to Andre
 photo IMG_6184_zps28d63c00.jpg

sleeper hold to Andre
 photo IMG_6188_zps1de88984.jpg

 photo IMG_6191_zps12fbeb62.jpg

 photo IMG_6190_zps878cbd88.jpg

 photo IMG_6192_zps44f85ee2.jpg

Ziggler: "We are so happy. We are a real couple! SHOW OFF!"
 photo IMG_6193_zpsb257b452.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"