photo IMG_6213_zps7ec06167.jpg

Mean Gene: "Welcome to London, Ontario I guess where in the wrong London! Wheew Thank god I don't have to see the queen!"
 photo IMG_6213_zps7ec06167.jpg

Daniel Bryan's theme hits
 photo IMG_6214_zps03d83045.jpg

Mean Gene: "Bryan you requestesd this time whats up?"
Bryan: "Gene I will tell you whats up the YES movement!"
 photo IMG_6216_zpsd86580b3.jpg

Bryan: "Team workate will find out I am over and those geeks are not over!"
 photo IMG_6219_zps65ed1c27.jpg

Bryan: "Oh and Bret you never drew a dime!"
 photo IMG_6217_zps45bd338d.jpg

Wade Barrett: "I been told theres a match later and the winner faces me next week,,, Guess what I've afaird I got some bad news for the winner or loser!"
 photo IMG_6220_zps703e8939.jpg

Tony Chimel: "The following is a match in the 2014 king of the ring tournament currently in the ring.. The Hulk!"
 photo IMG_6221_zpsd56b3050.jpg

Batista's theme hits
 photo IMG_6222_zps7a644ff3.jpg

spear to hulk
 photo IMG_6223_zps567d2ecd.jpg

 photo IMG_6224_zps92307fd4.jpg

Bret Hart: "YES! YES! YES! Yes I drew a dime and YES I was over!"
 photo IMG_6225_zpsbacb4179.jpg

Bruno Sammartino: "Oh yeah bryan you troll we work hard!"
 photo IMG_6228_zps1e0ba174.jpg

Eric Young: "Bryan you are a cheap knockoff of me!"
 photo IMG_6226_zpsf057c184.jpg

Tony Chimel: "The following is a match in the 2014 king of the ring tournament currently in the ring.... Jeff arrett and the oreo!"
 photo IMG_6232_zps3a5a1c7d.jpg

Jeff Jarrett struts
 photo IMG_6230_zps8f562587.jpg

Oreo takes down Jarrett down
 photo IMG_6233_zps23780282.jpg

arm bar to Jarrett
 photo IMG_6234_zps74ee99e6.jpg

boot to jarrett
 photo IMG_6236_zps8201c50d.jpg

Oreo goes to the top
 photo IMG_6237_zps8b9d466c.jpg

 photo IMG_6239_zpscdaf4705.jpg

Oreo: "I'm going to try and win this for my fans!"
 photo IMG_6240_zps36de17d0.jpg

Kamala: "I would like to win the Texas title and then sell it to a pawn shop I just need da money!"
 photo IMG_6241_zps194c925b.jpg

Dolph Ziggler's theme hits
 photo IMG_6242_zps584e1050.jpg

Ziggler and Kamala hug
 photo IMG_6243_zps7ea406cd.jpg

puts kamala in the turnbuckle
 photo IMG_6246_zpsa90b8673.jpg

drop kick to Kamala
 photo IMG_6247_zps2eabc856.jpg

sleeper hold to Kamala
 photo IMG_6248_zps9b6eea10.jpg

Kamala and Ziggler go to the top
 photo IMG_6249_zpse36e6f2f.jpg

Kamala goes for Air Africa
 photo IMG_6251_zpsc7ee70d4.jpg

 photo IMG_6252_zps60298eb3.jpg

Ziggler kicks out
 photo IMG_6253_zps39f2a93c.jpg

sleeper hold to Kamala
 photo IMG_6257_zpsd10d2570.jpg

AJ: "Guess who?"
 photo IMG_6258_zps34463abf.jpg

Andre grabs Ziggler
 photo IMG_6259_zpse1fc373e.jpg

 photo IMG_6260_zps9e2c9872.jpg

AJ kicks Ziggler in the balls
 photo IMG_6254_zps2f123a59.jpg

 photo IMG_6261_zps993e641c.jpg

 photo IMG_6263_zps6245f03f.jpg

AJ: "I'm crazy.... I'm bipolar!"
 photo IMG_6265_zps0cd77dce.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"