Kamala: "I'm de numba one contenda for that texas belt I'm gunna get daty belt den sell it!"
 photo IMG_6295_zps1a7b17de.jpg

Wade Barrett: "I'm afiraid I've got some bad news... You will not be winning this belt off of me and further.."
 photo IMG_6296_zps0e700e2d.jpg

Barrett: "This belt if pawned still willnot get you out of debt!"
 photo IMG_6297_zpse151c12b.jpg

barrett goes for the winds of change
 photo IMG_6300_zpseb5acf98.jpg

headlock to kamala
 photo IMG_6302_zps439eeec5.jpg

punches kamala
 photo IMG_6299_zpsf47e896c.jpg

boot to kamala
 photo IMG_6305_zpsbc81c98f.jpg

 photo IMG_6306_zpsea0e6071.jpg

barrett takes kamala to the back
 photo IMG_6307_zps97f3fcc6.jpg

 photo IMG_6308_zps6cef24a2.jpg

punches kamala
 photo IMG_6310_zps61bcc0d1.jpg

Andre chases Ziggler
 photo IMG_6312_zps71ad06ed.jpg

Ziggler gets out of the way of the stage andre breaks
 photo IMG_6314_zps1c032ab4.jpg

Mean Gene: "Oh mah goodness the stage has fallen on these men!"
 photo IMG_6317_zps154ebc94.jpg

Mean Gene: "Well I guess thats it we will be right back for the finals of the king of the ring!"
 photo IMG_6318_zps2d5f8d33.jpg

Tony chimel: "The follwing match is for the king of the ring currently in the ring from the cookie jar oreo!"
 photo IMG_6277_zps5a404714.jpg

Oreo: "If I win the king of the ring for the second time this will be the time I win the title!"
 photo IMG_6277_zps5a404714.jpg

Batista junior goes for a spear on Oreo
 photo IMG_6279_zps0ea76c1a.jpg

 photo IMG_6282_zpsc061de81.jpg

punches oreo
 photo IMG_6281_zpsc6012b5e.jpg

shoulder block to Oreo
 photo IMG_6283_zps2dcdbafd.jpg

Batista bomb to Oreo
 photo IMG_6284_zpscaad3da8.jpg

 photo IMG_6292_zps8623bd0c.jpg

 photo IMG_6285_zps10b36559.jpg

Wade Barrett and Kamala brawl into the ring
 photo IMG_6286_zps5c86cd08.jpg

Kamala gets out of the way of Barrett
 photo IMG_6289_zps506b5e1d.jpg

bull hammer to Batista junior
 photo IMG_6288_zps28dc32bf.jpg

 photo IMG_6291_zpsd0b696b8.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"