Wade Barrett: "I'M AFRIAD I'VE GOT SOME BAD NEEEWS!!! They've got a 500 pounfd giant with a fourteen year old!"
 photo IMG_6337_zpsa161cb93.jpg

Barrett: "While I was in a joke of a match last week!"
 photo IMG_6340_zps38141759.jpg

Dolph Ziggler: "you forgot about the SHOW OFF!"
 photo IMG_6343_zps05153544.jpg

choke slam to Barrett
 photo IMG_6344_zpsd5ccfcd2.jpg

AJ: "We didn't forget about you babe!"
 photo IMG_6346_zps7d7d3f30.jpg

Andre: "You Can't see me!"
 photo IMG_6345_zps4adf2c65.jpg

Bret Hart: ""I heard I'm in some sort of gimmick match next week.."
Bruno Sammartino: "I never did any gimmicks.."
 photo IMG_6347_zps38148af6.jpg

Bret: "I refuse to preform. HAHA preform what are we clowns? I will not WRESTLE IN ANY Gimmick matches!"
 photo IMG_6348_zpsb431e9c5.jpg

Oreo: "Last week I won the King of the ring! I pledge to all my fans I will give it my best shot to win the title!"
 photo IMG_6349_zpsa7d8a19e.jpg

Oreo: "When I get my title shot in a few weeks I'm-
 photo IMG_6349_zpsa7d8a19e.jpg

Brock Lesnar: "Wait a second you nabisco wanna be I'm the BEAST and I will eat you RIGHT NOW!"
 photo IMG_6352_zpsce356afd.jpg

Lesnar: "LETS DO THIS!!!"
Oreo: "but..........."
 photo IMG_6353_zps2820f3f4.jpg

punches Oreo
 photo IMG_6354_zpsfe307260.jpg

boot to Oreo
 photo IMG_6355_zps39e52b16.jpg

suplex to oreo
 photo IMG_6356_zpsc1f19b2f.jpg

punches to oreo
 photo IMG_6357_zps216a49e2.jpg

 photo IMG_6357_zps216a49e2.jpg

 photo IMG_6358_zps15d8e1df.jpg

Kimora Lock to Oreo
 photo IMG_6361_zpsf6e63a35.jpg

Oreo gets to the ropes
 photo IMG_6362_zps4e367351.jpg

 photo IMG_6363_zps5b464c5a.jpg

takes Oreo to the top
 photo IMG_6359_zps161f8993.jpg

suplex off the top
 photo IMG_6364_zpsedfe3f30.jpg

f5 to Oreo
 photo IMG_6365_zpsac074ba6.jpg

 photo IMG_6366_zps49f6fce8.jpg

 photo IMG_6367_zps281f322d.jpg

 photo IMG_6368_zpse1e07c56.jpg

Midnight Rider: "da Midnight ridah gotta make a few thangs rite."
 photo IMG_6369_zps00631caa.jpg

 photo IMG_6370_zps83bfb7a4.jpg

puts oreo on top
 photo IMG_6371_zps4862879a.jpg

 photo IMG_6373_zpscca3a1d7.jpg

 photo IMG_6372_zpsed313723.jpg

Midnight Rider: "I aint gonna let them catch me!"
Oreo: "Thank you sir!"
 photo IMG_6374_zps158968c6.jpg

Oreo: "This is the best day of my life!"
 photo IMG_6375_zps6267dad4.jpg

Midnight Rider: "I've got to run to keep from hidin'And I'm bound to keep on ridin' No, I'm not gonna let 'em catch me, no not gonna let 'em catch the midnight rider."
 photo IMG_6377_zps736d47de.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"