From West Allis, WI

Oreo: "I want to thank all fans who stuck with me over the years! I have to also thank that masked man the midnigt rider!"
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Oreo: "Whoever he is I thank him and I want to wish whoever wins the money in the bank today the best of luck!"
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Bret: "My father didn't teach me how to be in a ladder match!"
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Bret: "Ladders aren't meant for wrestling!"
Eric Young: "YES! YES! YES!"
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Eric: "EY! EY! EY! EY!"
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Daniel Bryan: "YES! YES! YES! YES!"
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Eric takes down Bryan
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Andre chokes Eric
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Dolph Ziggler hits Andre with a chair
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Ziggler climbs the ladder
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AJ climbs the ladder
AJ: "Kiss me!"
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AJ pushes the ladder
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the ladder fals on everyone
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Bret goes for the ladder
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Bret climbs
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 photo IMG_6403_zpsca6e49b5.jpg

Andre back suplexs bret off the ladder
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Sleeper to Andre
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 photo IMG_6409_zps11863185.jpg

both fall into and break the ladder
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Bryan hits bret with a chair
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AJ: "Andre c'mon get up do it!"
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Bryan hits Eric with a chair
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Bryan climbs
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 photo IMG_6420_zps2a200c88.jpg

Bruno Sammartino suplexs bryan off the ladder
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 photo IMG_6422_zps7e936896.jpg

Bryan lands on everyone!
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everyone is DOWN!
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the lights go out
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The Midnight rider climbs the ladder
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Midnight Rider grabs the briefcase
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Midnight Rider: "I'm not gonna let 'em catch me, no Not gonna let 'em catch the midnight rider.."
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Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"