Mean Gene: "Happy Fourth of July I have som big news for everyone.."
 photo IMG_6623_zpsc38beac1.jpg

Gene: "The title match is will be in a CAGE! The only way to win is to escape the cage!"
 photo IMG_6622_zpsf5cd44ad.jpg

The Midnight Rider: "Gene, dats fine da Midnight Rider is used to climbing out of houses and jails daddeh. Remington is gonna show mah people how da Rider looks with da gold!"
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Midnight Rider: "Midnight Rider blazed the trail with Lewis and Clark and da Midnight Rider stood shoulder to shoulder with Travis in Texas And da Rider rode with the Seventh when Custer went down."
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Oreo: "A CAGE? I've never been in a cage! This wasn't announced ahead of time!"
 photo IMG_6627_zps7bd179b1.jpg

Oreo: "This isn't fair!"
 photo IMG_6628_zpse6598895.jpg

Brock Lesnar's theme hits
 photo IMG_6551_zps533adced.jpg

Midnight Rider's theme hits
 photo IMG_6554_zps2f0c7fe5.jpg

Midnight Rider: "Dis is for da countree you see Louis L'Amour is gonna tell dem all about da midnight Ridah's tale!"
 photo IMG_6553_zps7e60cc33.jpg

Midnight Rider hits Lesnar with a chair
 photo IMG_6555_zps89af1372.jpg

Oreo's theme hits
 photo IMG_6557_zpsa68e147b.jpg

hits Lesnar with the title
 photo IMG_6558_zpsa04b4eee.jpg

Midnight Rider hits Oreo with a chair
 photo IMG_6559_zps42bfffbb.jpg

Midnight Rider climbs the cage
 photo IMG_6560_zpsfc433857.jpg

 photo IMG_6561_zps7463f2fc.jpg

 photo IMG_6562_zpsdc83fce4.jpg

Lesnar take the rider down
 photo IMG_6563_zps313d8da8.jpg

Lesnar punches Oreo
 photo IMG_6566_zpsa6d436eb.jpg

eye rake to Lesnar
 photo IMG_6568_zpse239245f.jpg

boot to lesnar
 photo IMG_6567_zpsffbfd305.jpg

Oreo hits rider with a chair
 photo IMG_6572_zps9fded544.jpg

slaps the rider
 photo IMG_6573_zpsbf284924.jpg

Oreo climbs
 photo IMG_6564_zpsa3cdecc1.jpg

Lesnar grabs Oreo
 photo IMG_6576_zps33fdee39.jpg

 photo IMG_6575_zpsfa28feab.jpg

suplex off the cage
 photo IMG_6577_zps97bb4847.jpg

Lesnar climbs
 photo IMG_6578_zpsa593923f.jpg

 photo IMG_6579_zps537ac071.jpg

 photo IMG_6581_zps52258527.jpg

Lesnar and rider land on Oreo
 photo IMG_6582_zpsb21b4176.jpg

Rider climbs
 photo IMG_6583_zpsff5745ce.jpg

Lesnar grabs Rider
 photo IMG_6584_zps6d4d1d59.jpg

both climb
 photo IMG_6585_zps783b0ff3.jpg

 photo IMG_6587_zpsb926d2b5.jpg

 photo IMG_6586_zpsfbdd642d.jpg

 photo IMG_6588_zpse420350b.jpg

Oreo climbs on the other side
 photo IMG_6590_zpsfa7a946b.jpg

 photo IMG_6591_zpsc79e3084.jpg

Lesnar grabs Oreo
 photo IMG_6593_zps643a4ebb.jpg

F5 off the top of the cage
 photo IMG_6594_zpsd372cc62.jpg

Oreo falls
 photo IMG_6595_zps9ed5a3ce.jpg

 photo IMG_6599_zps8045bea5.jpg

Rider punches Lesnar in the balls
 photo IMG_6601_zps8371450e.jpg

Rider climbs down
 photo IMG_6603_zpse657e45b.jpg

Lesnar grabs the midnight rider
 photo IMG_6606_zpsa4fdff5e.jpg

 photo IMG_6607_zpse1d0e93c.jpg

 photo IMG_6608_zps4e8d554d.jpg

 photo IMG_6609_zpsae597a50.jpg

Midnight Rider and Lesnar both fall
 photo IMG_6610_zpsc0766561.jpg

Midnight Rider's feet touch the floor!
 photo IMG_6613_zpsa63e96db.jpg

 photo IMG_6614_zpsd0bfc132.jpg

 photo IMG_6619_zpsf8d6e89b.jpg

 photo IMG_6617_zpsf754243e.jpg

 photo IMG_6616_zpsba382ab0.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"