Oreo: "I was the champion.. Was until I was thrown in an unannounced cage match! I had no idea!"
 photo IMG_6653_zps3757b5ef.jpg

Oreo: "Nobody told me it WAS a cage! Not a phone call, text, email or tweet!"
 photo IMG_6653_zps3757b5ef.jpg

Brock Lesnar's theme hits
 photo IMG_6654_zps24013fd9.jpg

Lesnar: "It didn't matter I'm gunna eat you!"
 photo IMG_6655_zps892dfa8c.jpg

punches oreo
 photo IMG_6656_zps290343d0.jpg

 photo IMG_6657_zps25101400.jpg

F5 to Oreo
 photo IMG_6658_zps546648ed.jpg

 photo IMG_6659_zpsbe390358.jpg

Kimora lock to Oreo
 photo IMG_6660_zps514d6eb0.jpg

Wade Barrett: "I'm afarid I got some bad enws for Arcidi next week you will fall victim to the barrett barage!"
 photo IMG_6663_zpsc4bb4f9c.jpg

Arcidi: "I have a SHOT for the Texas title... I have a Texas sized appetite!"
 photo IMG_6665_zps26982769.jpg

Arcidi: "If someone wants to go one on one c'mon on out!"
 photo IMG_6666_zps597c6b04.jpg

HTM hits Arcidi with a chair
 photo IMG_6667_zpsed7aaf3f.jpg

Arcidi no sells
 photo IMG_6668_zpsbf06f3fe.jpg

 photo IMG_6669_zps2bed153d.jpg

 photo IMG_6670_zpsb411256b.jpg

chop block to Arcidi
 photo IMG_6671_zps13a8ec0e.jpg

Arcidi no sells
HTM: "This is a bad fucken deal."
 photo IMG_6672_zps2445ecc2.jpg

Jeff Jarrett goes to the top
 photo IMG_6674_zps41ee9829.jpg

Arcidi catches Jeff
 photo IMG_6675_zpsfdaba613.jpg

HTM: "Fuck this shit I ain't takin that bump."
 photo IMG_6676_zpsea62264f.jpg

HTM runs away
 photo IMG_6677_zps1f12fd5b.jpg

 photo IMG_6678_zps978675ca.jpg

 photo IMG_6678_zps978675ca.jpg

Midnight Rider: "I bet you've neveah heard ole Marshall Dillion say Miss Kitty have you ever thought of running away and marry me. I bet you've neveah thought da midnight ridah would save you!"
 photo IMG_6679_zpse500abfd.jpg

Rider: "Da midnight Ridah is Wearing his six-shooter riding his pony on a cattle drive and he's Stealing the young girl's hearts!"
 photo IMG_6680_zps70a4043c.jpg

Rider: "Cause you can't starve da ridah out and you can't make him run .'Cause da Ridah is raised on shotgun!"
 photo IMG_6682_zps8e38d289.jpg

Rider: "Like dey say California's full of whisky, women and gold. Da Midnight Ridah's got da gold!"
 photo IMG_6682_zps8e38d289.jpg

Rider: "I say to da boys in da back dusted off ya boots and put our cowboy hats on straight daddeh!"
 photo IMG_6683_zps717b7b9f.jpg

 photo IMG_6685_zps2898545d.jpg

Rider: "What was dat noise?"
 photo IMG_6687_zps41b8fdb6.jpg

 photo IMG_6688_zps30a5a9e7.jpg

Rider: "Dats what dey call down south gimmick infringement!"
 photo IMG_6689_zpse2ee7327.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"