Brock Lesnar: "You all saw me beat that oreo last week now I'm the number one contender."
 photo IMG_7081_zpsd077c213.jpg

Lesnar: "I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks ok?"
 photo IMG_7079_zps9a3cf6c7.jpg

Lesnar: "Get that freak out here so I can kick his ass!"
 photo IMG_7080_zpscaeba080.jpg

The Freak's theme hits
 photo IMG_7083_zpsd827e319.jpg

The Freak: "The Freak answers your challenge!"
Lesnar: "Well Freak if that is your real name, I'm going to be the fuck outta you!"
 photo IMG_7085_zps375498b0.jpg

Freak: "I disagree with that!"
Lesnar: "I'm gonna take that title and RAPE YOU!"
 photo IMG_7084_zps0f219c8c.jpg

punch to the freak
 photo IMG_7087_zps39839580.jpg

Oreo: "Kamala your my BFF how can I get with Kaitlyn?"
Kamala: "Well you should try and slash her tires dat worked fo me back in da day."
 photo IMG_7088_zps8cf3eed2.jpg

Oreo: "No, I need something that would make her go out with me!"
Kamala: "Maybe you can save her from someone in da ring?"
 photo IMG_7089_zpsc5a79507.jpg

Dolph Ziggler: "HEy Oreo watch the show off SHOW OFF!"
 photo IMG_7090_zps4a835702.jpg

both make out
 photo IMG_7091_zpse63d9c96.jpg

Arcidi's theme hits
 photo IMG_7093_zps03db8d07.jpg

punches arcidi
 photo IMG_7094_zpscaa8f2cc.jpg

punch to ziggler
 photo IMG_7095_zpsb17588db.jpg

ziggler take down to arcidi
 photo IMG_7098_zpse8bd7e6d.jpg

sleeper hold to arcidi
 photo IMG_7097_zps0f4ee8a7.jpg

Oreo hits Ziggler with a chair
 photo IMG_7099_zps6b9ad342.jpg

 photo IMG_7100_zps6c484cfc.jpg

 photo IMG_7101_zps3a1032ff.jpg

oreo: "Uhhhh hi... How are you?"
Kaityln: ".....................good......"
 photo IMG_7102_zpsaf5b2c55.jpg

HTM: "I got a new promotion since I'm PG now it's called Hands up don't shoot!"
 photo IMG_7105_zps73fb7c82.jpg

Mean Gene: "We will be right back with Dusty Rhodes who has an announcement about his career?"
 photo IMG_7104_zpscd46bc9f.jpg

Dusty Rhodes: "As all da great people saw last week I lost and wheel if ya rememba back in may I lsot my career to Brock Lesnar and well to live up to dat...."
 photo IMG_7106_zps36c39032.jpg

Dusty: "This is Virgil Runnels not Dusty Rhodes speaking to ya I uhhhh...."
 photo IMG_7108_zpse286f9b5.jpg

Dusty: "I Virgil Runnels announce mah retireme-"
 photo IMG_7108_zpse286f9b5.jpg

 photo IMG_7110_zps496c0a6b.jpg

 photo IMG_7113_zps3afb88c9.jpg

 photo IMG_7112_zpsc594207e.jpg

 photo IMG_7114_zps80a427a4.jpg

 photo IMG_7112_zpsc594207e.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"