Bray Wyatt: "HAHAHAH Dusty Rhodes lied to ya. Yeah he lied to everyone!"
 photo IMG_7117_zps42da969c.jpg

Bray: "For months he went around in a mask known as the midnight rider... You wanna know something...."
 photo IMG_7116_zps5f90ef50.jpg

Bray: "I don't lie man naw I'm your imaginary friend..."
 photo IMG_7120_zps325e136d.jpg

Erik Rowan: "..............RUN........."
 photo IMG_7115_zpsd82578c5.jpg

 photo IMG_7121_zpsaac34e60.jpg

Tony Chimel: "Currently in the ring from Music City, USA Jeff Jarrett!"
 photo IMG_7138_zps1657195b.jpg

spear to Jeff
 photo IMG_7140_zps28a0e756.jpg

Shell shock to Jeff
 photo IMG_7141_zpsffaddd2b.jpg

 photo IMG_7142_zpsdc6b648e.jpg

Ryback: "Arcidi..... I'm hungry..... FEED ME MORE... FEED ME MORE!"
 photo IMG_7143_zps5cbd93c7.jpg

Dolph Ziggler: "You see these Oreo These ARE MY tits!"
 photo IMG_7122_zpsf2225891.jpg

Ziggler; "HAHAH I love to show them off I mean they are PRIME TITS!"
 photo IMG_7124_zps34fab3ae.jpg

Ziggler: "Oreo you can't have these!"
 photo IMG_7123_zps48011e85.jpg

Oreo: "Well wait I know I can beat you how about this..."
 photo IMG_7125_zps1c47d966.jpg

Oreo: "Me versus you the winner gets Kaitlyn for 30 days!"
Ziggler: "Naw I don't think so..."
 photo IMG_7127_zps9c143e4d.jpg

Ziggler: "You couldn't get with kaitlyn she wouldn't even feel you I have a 12 inch show off!"
Oreo: "I heard you have a 2 inch worm!"
Ziggler: "It's on!"
 photo IMG_7126_zps97bcb7c4.jpg

The Freak: "Brock Lesnar is a beast and no doubt I will get my ass kicked when I face him.."
 photo IMG_7129_zpsdecb78ad.jpg

Freak: "I know I'm ready....."
 photo IMG_7128_zpsfe1be15f.jpg

Freak: "Brock will injure me but somehow someway I will win.."
 photo IMG_7131_zps4045abdc.jpg

Brock Lesnar's theme hits
 photo IMG_7132_zpsbe35b142.jpg

Lesnar: "Freak, I don't think so because you are a BIIIIIIIIIIITCH!"
Freak: "WRONG!"
 photo IMG_7134_zps40c3fa6d.jpg

Freak hits Lesnar with the title
 photo IMG_7137_zpse30c5879.jpg

Bray: "Is he alive or is he DEAD?"
 photo IMG_7146_zps47df35ce.jpg

Rowan: ".............BAAAAAAAAAAAH"
 photo IMG_7148_zpsf4947b20.jpg

 photo IMG_7121_zpsaac34e60.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun........."