Oreo: "I first and foremost apologize on behalf of Fun Friday last week Wade Barrett struck a woman."
 photo IMG_7280_zps48f20aad.jpg

Oreo: "I have registered a complaint against Wade and we can only hope Wade is severley punished!"
 photo IMG_7281_zps5da0768a.jpg

Oreo: "Kaitlyn if your watching, I'm sorry I shouldve protected you. I love you!"
 photo IMG_7281_zps5da0768a.jpg

Dusty Rhodes: "Just like dat game show host sayz Wyatts come on down!"
 photo IMG_7265_zpsb53b1feb.jpg

Dusty: "Fo' weeks now doze wyatts had beat medown but guess what now im calling ya out!"
 photo IMG_7264_zpsc8f99102.jpg

Dusty: "Just like in Dodge City you want dis chair you come and git it!"
 photo IMG_7266_zps586e175f.jpg

 photo IMG_7268_zps8b714f8c.jpg

Bray Wyatt: "don't ever tempt the devil, man!"
 photo IMG_7269_zps0c12c3ca.jpg

Dusty: ".......Run!"
 photo IMG_7270_zpsc34d8054.jpg

 photo IMG_7271_zpscf30fe7f.jpg

 photo IMG_7272_zps750b5076.jpg

Elbow to Rowan
 photo IMG_7274_zpsf4e760ee.jpg

curtain call to Bray
 photo IMG_7273_zpsdaa879af.jpg

Dusty: "I have finally accepted my son for who he is and his lifestyle daddeh!"
 photo IMG_7278_zps1e8493cc.jpg

The Freak: "Brock Lesnar I hope your watching I'm issuing an open challenge to anyone today for the title you want some come get some!"
 photo IMG_7295_zpsc8ed2bf1.jpg

Mean Gene: "I have just been told Wade Barrett has been fired, so he has to leave the building."
Dolph Ziggler: "I should give Wade a thousand dollars for hitting that bitch!"
 photo IMG_7282_zpsf685399e.jpg

Ziggler: "Everyone knows I'm using Kaitlyn to fuck. So right now she's useless to me!"
 photo IMG_7284_zps142cabeb.jpg

Ziggler: "Wade thank you for breaking Kaitlyn's jaw! I was about to break it so Wade thank you again!"
 photo IMG_7284_zps142cabeb.jpg

Mean Gene: "This interview is over!"
 photo IMG_7283_zps1216f2bf.jpg

HTM: "Jeff Jarrett is gonna do it! He has finally created his own thing!"
 photo IMG_7285_zps7db5e254.jpg

The Freak's theme hits
 photo IMG_7286_zps6510cf9d.jpg

running slam to Jarrett
 photo IMG_7288_zpsb01c8365.jpg

shoulder block to jarrett
 photo IMG_7287_zpscaa57167.jpg

throws HTM out of the ring
 photo IMG_7290_zpsc06ec24f.jpg

 photo IMG_7291_zps6824c956.jpg

5 knuckle shuffle to jeff
 photo IMG_7292_zps2caf3cc3.jpg

 photo IMG_7294_zpsa555acd8.jpg

Kamala: "Wade Barrett fired wow.."
Batista Jr: "He crossed the line."
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 photo IMG_7300_zps608bff11.jpg

 photo IMG_7301_zpsb15c1adf.jpg

 photo IMG_7303_zpsbc01b2a6.jpg