Dusty Rhodes: "Right here right now daddeh I'm calling out doze wyatt boys!"
 photo IMG_7310_zps2b1623a6.jpg

Goldust: "Father and son are gonna throw ya off da cliff!"
 photo IMG_7309_zpsf6b68040.jpg

Dusty: "What you see here is a bond between a fatha and a son! You boys can't break that daddeh!"
 photo IMG_7311_zpsadd1b924.jpg

 photo IMG_7312_zps4adde836.jpg

Eric Rowan: "............run......"
 photo IMG_7313_zps90c94cbc.jpg

Bray Wyatt: "Oh dusty you know I can break any chain!"
 photo IMG_7314_zpsba403e55.jpg

Dusty: "I'm gonna break ya jaw!"
Bray: "HIT ME!"
 photo IMG_7315_zps522697b1.jpg

boot to dusty
 photo IMG_7316_zps4a68699e.jpg

leg drop to dusty
 photo IMG_7317_zps02e425c1.jpg

choke to dusty
 photo IMG_7318_zpsc2f84ee3.jpg

Bray: "Throw me off Unleash your inner monster!"
 photo IMG_7320_zps13e83aa1.jpg

 photo IMG_7319_zps2ca33540.jpg

Goldust beats down Bray
 photo IMG_7322_zps9109da54.jpg

 photo IMG_7321_zps12589c76.jpg

Dusty: "Dats enough!"
 photo IMG_7325_zps821d465e.jpg

 photo IMG_7323_zpsc8a219ab.jpg

Rowan saves Bray
 photo IMG_7324_zpsaeb1b610.jpg

 photo IMG_7327_zps75929aef.jpg

Bray punches Dusty
 photo IMG_7328_zps304ff057.jpg

sister Abigail to Dusty
 photo IMG_7329_zpsfd2ccf7e.jpg

Dusty falls off the cliff
 photo IMG_7330_zpseef232d8.jpg

 photo IMG_7332_zps174b3b97.jpg

Goldust hits bray with the chair
 photo IMG_7334_zpsddf95388.jpg

Rowan boots goldust off the cliff
 photo IMG_7335_zps21109f3f.jpg

Goldust falls
 photo IMG_7336_zpsdfeb624d.jpg

Bray: "A bond between father and son is nothing but imaginary!"
Rowan: "..............run........"
 photo IMG_7339_zps6c656eb5.jpg

Bray: "I am YOUR FATHER!"
 photo IMG_7339_zps6c656eb5.jpg

 photo IMG_7327_zps75929aef.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"