Mean Gene: "Hello ladies and gentlemen well it's fighting time if The Freak and Daniel Bryan don't make it to the boss they will be stripped of the titles!"
 photo IMG_7353_zps2f9465b9.jpg

Mean Gene: "Get ready Freak and Bryan you got to make it all the way to the main boss!"
Daniel Bryan: "YES we will complete the misson and YES we will hold on to our titles!"
 photo IMG_7356_zps5860dfbc.jpg

Freak: "If ya want some come get some try and stop us!"
 photo IMG_7355_zps1b9f7a23.jpg

Daniel Bryan: "YES! YES! YES!"
The Freak: "It doesn't matter if were gonna beat up 100 people were holding on to our titles!"
 photo IMG_7357_zpsa514440b.jpg

Miz: "HAHAHA you idiots disgust me you think you can beat the team of Mizdow?"
Daminen Sandow: "You're Welcome!"
 photo IMG_7358_zps9e2c6e53.jpg

drop kick to sandow
 photo IMG_7361_zpsd5f6f366.jpg

back belly suplex to sandow
 photo IMG_7364_zps2d79b84d.jpg

shoulder block to miz
 photo IMG_7359_zps0115e3f0.jpg

freak goes for the stf
 photo IMG_7360_zps87cdfc7c.jpg

AA to miz
 photo IMG_7363_zpsb9604436.jpg

bryan and freak beat down miz with a chair
 photo IMG_7367_zps8c8a8f98.jpg

Freak: "That was easy!"
Bryan: "YES! I think the more we play the harder it will get!"
Freak: "Kinda like me I mean like a rubik's cube it's a PG show!"
 photo IMG_7368_zps3e23ab32.jpg

Viki: "EXCUSE ME!"
 photo IMG_7370_zps7ccecde2.jpg

Road Dogg: "It's the R-o-a- double g and Mr. Ass!"
 photo IMG_7371_zps81227719.jpg

Billy Gunn: "If you don't like that we got-"
 photo IMG_7369_zps85de9980.jpg

drop kick to gunn
 photo IMG_7372_zps1250929e.jpg

billy gunn falls into the ladder
 photo IMG_7373_zpsdb1f648c.jpg

viki falls on the outlaws
 photo IMG_7374_zps9cc26fc6.jpg

freak picks up viki
 photo IMG_7376_zps9bd43be4.jpg

bryan climbs to the top
 photo IMG_7379_zpse13cee29.jpg

Freak: "I'm sorry. No man should hit a woman!"
 photo IMG_7378_zpsd999e3c1.jpg

splash to road dogg
 photo IMG_7380_zps0943853c.jpg

 photo IMG_7381_zps1690abe4.jpg

freak hits billy gunn with the ladder
 photo IMG_7382_zpsa2067c08.jpg

 photo IMG_7384_zpsf51a8139.jpg

punches to gunn
 photo IMG_7385_zps9433fd22.jpg

2 on 1 beatdown to gunn
 photo IMG_7386_zps69a00f22.jpg

 photo IMG_7383_zps1b487769.jpg

Papa Shango: "HA HA HA HA you have entered my dark world!"
 photo IMG_7388_zps1fe88e7b.jpg

Shango: "It's my rules and my voodoo!"
 photo IMG_7389_zps55c15c93.jpg

Bryan and Freak hit Shango with the ladder
 photo IMG_7392_zps4c2d0ee8.jpg

freak hits shango with the ladder
 photo IMG_7391_zps42fe396f.jpg

bryan jumps off the ladder
 photo IMG_7394_zpsf2ad5843.jpg

 photo IMG_7395_zps15c7457c.jpg

 photo IMG_7397_zpsc7440a84.jpg

Freak: "I never liked the voodoo!"
 photo IMG_7399_zpse542ffea.jpg

Bryan: "I guess you don't do the voddoo!"
 photo IMG_7400_zpsfe31c617.jpg

 photo IMG_7401_zps83295042.jpg

Bill Rock: "Look whats next for Bryan and the freak can the combat demoliton? Tune in next week!"
 photo IMG_7401_zps83295042.jpg