Bill Rock:"Last week you saw Daniel Bryan and The Freak beat up several men can they finish the job this week?"

 photo IMG_7402_zps24226eec.jpg

Ax: "I'm gonna chop the both of yous!"
 photo IMG_7403_zps8b42b65a.jpg

Smash: "And I'm gonna smash ya and when were done with ya the repo man will be towing away your bodies!"
 photo IMG_7404_zps0b7e00cd.jpg

Bryan jumps off the barricade
 photo IMG_7405_zps97e21944.jpg

 photo IMG_7407_zps21397a4d.jpg

 photo IMG_7406_zps52117941.jpg

 photo IMG_7411_zps6610d3e1.jpg

spear to smash
 photo IMG_7408_zps246e156f.jpg

smash goes through the barricade
 photo IMG_7409_zpsaf403d6b.jpg

 photo IMG_7410_zps89b1da1e.jpg

AA to smash
 photo IMG_7412_zps282089ec.jpg

 photo IMG_7413_zpscbac781f.jpg

chair shots to Ax
 photo IMG_7414_zps916f3d58.jpg

Freak picks up the barricade
 photo IMG_7415_zpsb0687393.jpg

lands on demoliton
 photo IMG_7416_zps53d74beb.jpg

Bray Wyatt: "Well you met my family. Ya know I was raised on family values man!"
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Eric Rowan: ""  photo IMG_7421_zps4150a91a.jpg

wyatt: "Sister Abaigail looked so much like a lady, but she was so much like a child. A devil when she held me close, an angel when she smiled."
 photo IMG_7422_zps2d074bd4.jpg

wyatt: "She always held it deep inside, but somehow I always knew She's go away when the grass turned green and the sky turned baby blue."
 photo IMG_7420_zps50f63064.jpg

shoulder block to wyatt
 photo IMG_7423_zps8795e579.jpg

shoulder block to rowan
 photo IMG_7424_zps1ddcc874.jpg

rowan throws freak to the ground
 photo IMG_7425_zps0c841b4c.jpg

bryan hits wyatt with a chair
 photo IMG_7427_zpsc0fcde34.jpg

Wyatt: "Is that all you got son?"
 photo IMG_7426_zps092a49ac.jpg

Wyatt: "Unleash your inner demon please!"
 photo IMG_7428_zpse2001d6b.jpg

rowan throws bryan in to the ladder
 photo IMG_7430_zpsd8164bc9.jpg

sister Abigail to bryan
 photo IMG_7432_zps5e4974e7.jpg

wyatt family drags freak and bryan
 photo IMG_7435_zps3fcc55ba.jpg

freak hits wyatt with the chair
 photo IMG_7437_zpsed6074b0.jpg

spear to rowan
 photo IMG_7439_zps029ffdcb.jpg

hits rowan with the chair
 photo IMG_7442_zpsb3acc709.jpg

Freak: "C'mon on out boss!"
 photo IMG_7441_zpscacd0650.jpg

Freak: "This is the end right?"
 photo IMG_7445_zps91ab6249.jpg

Brock Lesnar: "This is one game you can't beat."
 photo IMG_7447_zpseba3a7c4.jpg

F5 to Freak
 photo IMG_7448_zps6fec0721.jpg

Lesnar: "Game over."
 photo IMG_7450_zpsa8837e57.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"