Mean Gene: "I'm joined with fun friday champion.. The Freak! Now Freak what was that big brawl a few weeks ago like?"
 photo IMG_7484_zps0dbad683.jpg

The Freak: "I took them all down and stared that beast Brock Lesnar in the eye!"
 photo IMG_7485_zps32670d34.jpg

Freak: "I told hi if you want some COME AND GET SOME!"
 photo IMG_7486_zpsaae06502.jpg

Mean Gene: "To the ring!"  photo IMG_7488_zpsd1291a5a.jpg

Bray Wyatt: "Families man they are what holds us together it is the most important thing man!"
 photo IMG_7489_zpsbb41d9d6.jpg

Bray: "It is the most important like breakfast man unlike breakfast family is a bond!"
 photo IMG_7490_zps96492e72.jpg

Bray: "Dusty and Goldust you think you guys think you can break my bond with MY son?"
 photo IMG_7491_zpsd330f7a6.jpg

Rhodes' theme hits
 photo IMG_7494_zpsf89a56a6.jpg

Dusty: "You talk all dat talk I say my son goes against you right now Daddeh!"
 photo IMG_7495_zps8befa83c.jpg

Eric Rowan: "run...."
 photo IMG_7496_zps4c9fc91c.jpg

slaps rowan
 photo IMG_7497_zps17020367.jpg

punches rowan
 photo IMG_7498_zps43ebcc09.jpg

arm bar to rowan
 photo IMG_7499_zps70aca55f.jpg

boot to rowan
 photo IMG_7500_zpsc20a9752.jpg

splash off the top
 photo IMG_7501_zpsb7290279.jpg

rowan catches goldust
 photo IMG_7502_zpse89bed59.jpg

slam to goldust
 photo IMG_7505_zps84f6d363.jpg

boot to goldust
 photo IMG_7504_zps77d8ac72.jpg

bear hug to goldust
 photo IMG_7508_zps2e0b3823.jpg

both go over the top rope
 photo IMG_7509_zpse7400d9e.jpg

puts goldust into the post
 photo IMG_7511_zps1960259c.jpg

 photo IMG_7512_zps2c360369.jpg

 photo IMG_7513_zps1f59b1f2.jpg

 photo IMG_7514_zps08cbcaf8.jpg

goldust kicks out
 photo IMG_7516_zps233e69d5.jpg

arm bar to rowan
 photo IMG_7518_zps453120a1.jpg

Curtain call to rowan
 photo IMG_7519_zps8f2dbe4a.jpg

 photo IMG_7520_zps5ee46f91.jpg

 photo IMG_7522_zps19ce8daf.jpg

 photo IMG_7523_zps018f4fa1.jpg

 photo IMG_7524_zpsb2896756.jpg

 photo IMG_7525_zps8e77c0f4.jpg

Scarecrow kicks dusty in the balls
 photo IMG_7526_zps348034fa.jpg

Bray: "You guys are nott like us!"
 photo IMG_7527_zpsce03ceb8.jpg

 photo IMG_7528_zpscdd48f8b.jpg

 photo IMG_7529_zps668fe888.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"