Mean Gene: "Welcome to Fun Friday my guest at this time a man well yeah a man who was screwed over Oreo......."
 photo IMG_7664_zpse7e9809e.jpg

Oreo: "Thanks Gene well I wasnt screwed over things happen I suppose I shouldve known about Kaitlyn."
 photo IMG_7667_zps2bcfe248.jpg

Oreo: "I guess next time I'll pay more attention before I give my heart away.."
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 photo IMG_7671_zps53c91d0c.jpg

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 photo IMG_7669_zpsb9315414.jpg

Rock slaps Oreo  photo IMG_7677_zps8932ed04.jpg

 photo IMG_7676_zps6c2f19ed.jpg

Rock: "Oreo The Rock hears you going on and on about Kaitlyn listen the rock doesn't want to hear it and THE PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!"
 photo IMG_7673_zps2f38370a.jpg

Rock; "THE people have spoken they want to hear about The Rock's hercules workout!"
 photo IMG_7675_zpsf11f18f2.jpg

 photo IMG_7675_zpsf11f18f2.jpg

Rock: "Now The Rock has THE Hercules diet roll it you feeble minded monkeys before The Rock shoves his boot up ya ass!"
 photo IMG_7674_zpsdd58dd05.jpg

 photo IMG_7674_zpsdd58dd05.jpg

Rock: "People as The Rock how do you get a body like the rock well easy use Tren steriods and PANCAKES YA KUNG PAO BITCH!"
 photo IMG_7681_zps77861b6a.jpg

Rock: "When the rock speaks THE people listen and the men now know how to get women.... IF YA SMEEEELLLLALALALO WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN!"
 photo IMG_7681_zps77861b6a.jpg

Mike Tenay: "We gotta go to the back something is going down hurry get a camera there!"

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 photo IMG_7685_zpsef8055d8.jpg

both brawl  photo IMG_7686_zps9c749f3d.jpg

Bray hits goldust with a chair
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Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"