The Rock: "FINALLLLY THE ROCK... well the Rock is on the set of Too Fast eight and well The Rock is here to announce The Rock WILL NOT be in tree match!"
 photo IMG_7985_zpse3e6c3e7.jpg

Rock: "You think the rock will actually climb a tree like that murderer jimmy snuka.. Oh wait Snuka is the rock's cousin.."
 photo IMG_7987_zpsa13f240e.jpg

Rock: "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO'S COUSIN HE IS! The Rock is busy so get the cameras out of here!"
 photo IMG_7989_zps49fa6fa6.jpg

Dolph Ziggler: "It's time to SHOW OFF! It's too bad I'm too good!"
 photo IMG_7942_zps2f79d82b.jpg

Daniel Bryan: "I will still be the Texas champion for the YEStar state!"
 photo IMG_7945_zpsd6fd7c82.jpg

both lock up  photo IMG_7946_zps77e842c9.jpg

bryan slams ziggler onto the ladder
 photo IMG_7948_zpsdeb7dbcc.jpg

 photo IMG_7949_zps26048a4e.jpg

bryan goes for the yes lock
 photo IMG_7952_zpsff1c1d85.jpg

yes lock to ziggler
 photo IMG_7951_zpsae0c7999.jpg

ziggler climbs up the ladder
 photo IMG_7953_zpsa0a1da24.jpg

the ladder falls on both men
 photo IMG_7954_zpsd1168e83.jpg

 photo IMG_7955_zps8369a235.jpg

 photo IMG_7956_zpse5f82b95.jpg

Ziggler climbs
 photo IMG_7957_zps0534b99c.jpg

 photo IMG_7958_zpsac69ef78.jpg

 photo IMG_7960_zps92ba14cc.jpg

bryan pushes the ladder
 photo IMG_7962_zpsccf8eaee.jpg

bryan goes for the ladder
 photo IMG_7964_zps4e043a3e.jpg

bryan climbs
 photo IMG_7966_zpsb82d5d10.jpg

 photo IMG_7966_zpsb82d5d10.jpg

 photo IMG_7967_zps31e22b2d.jpg

ziggler pushes the ladder
 photo IMG_7968_zpsb1534c42.jpg

ladder falls on ziggler
 photo IMG_7971_zpsc4bfa124.jpg

bryan picks up the ladder
 photo IMG_7972_zpsc7b2089a.jpg

bryan climbs the ladder
 photo IMG_7973_zps5ace06f4.jpg

 photo IMG_7974_zps0a6f90ae.jpg

 photo IMG_7975_zps6cc8d122.jpg

 photo IMG_7977_zps301bb607.jpg

Bryan: "YES! YES! YES!"
 photo IMG_7979_zps63678c41.jpg

Brock Lesnar beats down Bryan
 photo IMG_7982_zpse24e5702.jpg

F5 to bryan
 photo IMG_7983_zps57f2b58d.jpg

Lesnar: "........Fucking midget........."
 photo IMG_7984_zps555c4ff9.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"