photo IMG_8568_zpsmjaetqv6.jpg

 photo IMG_8570_zpswyjd9hxd.jpg

Oreo: "Hey Everybody I have great news I have got a new car!"
 photo IMG_8569_zpsocr8pyew.jpg

Kamala: "Whoaw that be a nice ride!"
Oreo: "Thanks, partner we still on for that tag tourney on valentines day right?"
 photo IMG_8571_zpsjqcf9sm0.jpg

Kamala: "You dern right whoaw dats almost as nice as a frightliner!"
Oreo: "Thanks, well I gotta say I woudln't have bought it without you!"
 photo IMG_8572_zpsjsf43x68.jpg

Oreo: "I wanna thank all the fans for helping me buy this ride and my successful career on Fun Friday!"
 photo IMG_8573_zpsj2rjeufd.jpg

AJ: "Hey sweet cookie wanna take me for a ride?"
Oreo: "Sure we can ride down the street!"
Kamala: "I think da oreo is gunna git sum road head!"
 photo IMG_8576_zps9qdr4fcf.jpg

Goldust: "Hey dad are we gonna be in that tag team tournament on valentines day?"
Dusty Rhodes: "Yeah, sure whateva.."
 photo IMG_8580_zpsrlcaeblg.jpg

goldust: "Whats going on dad you never talk to me anymore..."
Dusty: "I'm a busy man ya undastand?"
 photo IMG_8580_zpsrlcaeblg.jpg

The Miz: "My guest on Miz TV is the 2015 Rumple winner.. The Rock!"
 photo IMG_8541_zps5ub6kjzo.jpg

Miz: "Before Rock comes out I would like to point out that I have been in movies just like him and well my wife Maryse is well lets say she's a KILLER in the sack!"  photo IMG_8542_zpsbdx7bstg.jpg

Miz: "So I got one word for the turtle I mean Dwyane.... REALLY?"
 photo IMG_8543_zps1l0u2fjl.jpg

the rock's theme hits
 photo IMG_8546_zpsietsvgzo.jpg

Rock stares at Miz
 photo IMG_8547_zpsgevkinrf.jpg

Rock bottom to Miz
 photo IMG_8548_zpssbc3qqle.jpg

 photo IMG_8549_zpsdwuridhm.jpg

People's elbow to miz
 photo IMG_8550_zpsdl3yk3f3.jpg

rock throws miz out of the ring
 photo IMG_8551_zpsh607rnoq.jpg

 photo IMG_8552_zpsi8hvesoh.jpg

Rock: "How about that little boy Miz what a punk poser why the rock cleared the ring of THAT JABROI!"
 photo IMG_8553_zpsh8xhxuco.jpg

rock: "HAHA the Rock is not only laughing at the miz but Oreo has a new car? That BITCH has a new car?"
 photo IMG_8554_zpskfaluguh.jpg

Rock: "Oreo I hit it HARD and GET IT DONE EVERY DAY, a car Wow The Rock is NOT impressed at all!"
 photo IMG_8555_zpsosfgwuas.jpg

Rock: "Oreo that won't make you get laid The Rock knows you gotta clang and BANG to get LAID!"
 photo IMG_8556_zpskn0qfaqn.jpg

Rock: "the Rock is making eight movies right now and well the rock doesn't have time to waste here The Rock has won the Rumple and The Rock has to say this....."
 photo IMG_8557_zpsrum5iusz.jpg

Rock: "The Rock has got to go The Rock has got to run AND The ROCK has GOT TO hit it hard and get it done! Everyone can see The Rocks going far the Rock has got responsibilities and a crazy schedule BITCHES!"
 photo IMG_8558_zpsjsjkb1xu.jpg

Bray Wyatt's theme hits
 photo IMG_8559_zps8jqiuy21.jpg

 photo IMG_8561_zpswsz2a5wa.jpg

Rock: "What is chewbacca's son doing out here? The Rock was going to announce his hiatus!"
 photo IMG_8560_zpsz6miljlo.jpg

 photo IMG_8562_zps4ej3f6vc.jpg

Rock bottom to Wyatt
 photo IMG_8563_zpsp6s819c4.jpg

People's elbow to wyatt
 photo IMG_8566_zpsveihreqd.jpg

Rock: "The Rock now can say it's #HiatusTime trending world wide..... IF YAAAA SMEEELLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOOOKING!"
 photo IMG_8564_zpsgw8jxzpt.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"