Tony chimel: "Currently in the ring from Rochester, New york... Colin Delaney!"
 photo IMG_8657_zpssgmq25g2.jpg

Aricdi's theme hits
 photo IMG_8658_zpsu7tceolt.jpg

botched slam to Colin
 photo IMG_8659_zps4fui60ur.jpg

 photo IMG_8660_zpsghl1gwln.jpg

Ryback grabs arcidi
 photo IMG_8661_zpsyepftdzq.jpg

Shell shock to arcidi
 photo IMG_8663_zps10yfbyg2.jpg

Dusty Rhodes hits Ryback with a hammer
 photo IMG_8664_zpsmpk6yx70.jpg

hits Ryback with a chair
 photo IMG_8665_zpsadjaxk8l.jpg

hits arcidi
 photo IMG_8666_zpsfvo8fxtl.jpg

Dusty: "I hope dat vinalla midget Daniel Bryan sees dis I want dat Texas title den I'm gunna beat Brock to win da fun Friday title!"
 photo IMG_8667_zpsuokjucnf.jpg

Dusty: "Listen last year I was screwed out of da title!"
 photo IMG_8668_zpsj2cqezus.jpg

Goldust: "Oh and dad next week were going to win that tag team tournament!"
Dusty: "Ohh.. dats rite..."
 photo IMG_8669_zpsmne76b4d.jpg

Dusty: "Daniel Bryan you are mah target and i'm gunna hit da bullseye!"
 photo IMG_8670_zpsybgrqeje.jpg

Oreo: "Wow AJ you are something else! I'm so happy with you!"
AJ Lee: "You are so sweet in more ways than one!"
 photo IMG_8676_zpsl0dm5mzt.jpg

Miz: "You are with this loser? REALLY?"
AJ: "Aren't you married? so back off JACK OFF!"
 photo IMG_8677_zpsf5s4ldqe.jpg

Miz: "HA funny you mention Jack off thats all oreo does you give him blue balls!"
AJ: "No he gets road head everyday with his NEW Car, would you like to have blue balls?"
 photo IMG_8678_zpsbouhnpa4.jpg

AJ kicks Miz in the balls
 photo IMG_8679_zpslg13xgky.jpg

Oreo: "REALLY MIZ? Tell your wife we said hello!"
 photo IMG_8680_zpsl1hbb4a9.jpg

AJ: "I'm so happy to have you, lets get out of here and cruise!"
 photo IMG_8681_zpsnezihhmh.jpg

Dolph Ziggler: "Wait a minute.... I'm the SHOW OFF!"
Oreo: "AJ you wanna talk to him this is no name calling week!"
 photo IMG_8683_zpsnubjcsv7.jpg

AJ: "You aren't the show off what can you show off your two inch worm?"
Oreo: "Lets get something to eat!"
 photo IMG_8684_zpsr0k4ensu.jpg

Sister Abiagail to the alligator
 photo IMG_8671_zpsxxm5vnmo.jpg

Bray Wyatt: "YOU SEE DWYANE that alligator is symbolic of what I'm going to do to you!"
 photo IMG_8672_zpsu2qeqpop.jpg

Bray: "Not only will I screw Dwyane I will Kill him i guess you can say it will be necrophilia!"
 photo IMG_8673_zpssxnwkcia.jpg

 photo IMG_8674_zps2qbzy8sc.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"