Ryback: "I am my own man I read the secret and I stand as my own man!"
 photo EC5E9020-28A1-43D8-A7C6-A295CE4DC69E_zps6gbvaoys.jpg

Erick Rowan: "You have made a fatal error you left the family!"
 photo 3130818B-2C75-4563-BE81-D740C0F60F9B_zpsaa2t1xs6.jpg

Rowan: "Bray does not approve!"
Ryback: "Well approve this!"
 photo B02D51DB-3BD7-4AB4-A729-7C2AB9B837F5_zpsohki8xjh.jpg

spear to Rowan
 photo DF773011-F9EE-4524-BA06-4AC7D03CE75B_zps3htxg2ab.jpg

Shell shock to Rowan
 photo EE42CB6C-75F4-4555-ACCF-2DB44EB3913C_zpsgzrnzjzh.jpg

 photo 8B8D4D38-64A4-43B4-B17F-A804DD09CD26_zps0wixs6wg.jpg

Mean Gene: "Ladies and gentlemen your Texas champion.. Bret Hart now Bret next week is a turkey bowl number one contendership for your title!"
 photo 1BF1ED62-B322-4503-B18A-E2488E38DACB_zpsdcwg5nsi.jpg

Bret Hart: "Thanksgiving? I'm from CANADA! We don't even celebrate that garbage!"
 photo D66A69DD-5BB2-4BA1-84F5-79B78656D7FE_zpsvbd2uisc.jpg

Bret: "Sooo those lousy Americans celebrate the mass murders of the native Americans?"
 photo 614C828A-9E53-4FBE-9F27-FCDB1ACC1347_zpstnm5m2ha.jpg

Bret: "I don't care who wins that joke of a match I will OUT WRESTLE whoever wins that sham!"
 photo 614C828A-9E53-4FBE-9F27-FCDB1ACC1347_zpstnm5m2ha.jpg

 photo 614C828A-9E53-4FBE-9F27-FCDB1ACC1347_zpstnm5m2ha.jpg

 photo 353540CB-DF32-4499-BC68-28A2B4D557BE_zps0k3djbrg.jpg

Sting's theme hits
 photo 139AC352-B996-4A00-97ED-8FCCE42E594F_zpsefofkszd.jpg

Sting: "LESNAR! LESNAR! LESNAR! Out of the darkness…comes The Stinger and the Stingers asks you one question...... Why So Serious?"
 photo F3D44BC5-75D9-43F2-9318-60C0669EA79E_zpsh2ilpuyh.jpg

Sting: "Lesnar, Whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you stranger. And the Stinger is the INSANE ICON!"
 photo 602D40F5-28E6-4B85-BC8C-98743C6004D0_zpsfffq25hs.jpg

Sting: "LESNAR LESNAR LESNAR....... Welcome to a world without rules!"
 photo 2A98AA0F-B2FF-4DBB-9CF3-2B8A0D1D0846_zps8eme6jpl.jpg

Bo Dallas' theme hits
 photo E2B32824-A2E6-4C62-BCFE-0F77D69A40DA_zpse9t34ub4.jpg

Bo: "BO is here to remind you Steve we need rules without rules there is chaos!"
Sting: "Hey Bo you wanna see a magic trick?"
 photo 36BF4021-A079-44FC-9AC2-F927553ADB51_zpsseiqxlum.jpg

Sting: "I feel good I FEEL GOOD BO!"
Bo: "wHAT?"
 photo D24905A1-C2FD-4370-BB76-DE96952FDF77_zpsnbbl7ofq.jpg

Sting hits Bo with the bat
 photo 28915E81-52AD-4301-BB92-BA649985D5D3_zps9bxao7qa.jpg

Sting beats down Bo with the bat
 photo 7AF32FDC-9CB7-4FCA-B4FC-A6359D3D172F_zps2hmre597.jpg

chokes Bo
 photo A67DB7EB-8B79-43DA-8C45-659DBBA86CB3_zpsac5rm9pm.jpg

Lesnar grabs Sting
 photo 0765853A-4D50-423B-A06C-A77DE3D566AA_zpseylbodjb.jpg

suplex city to Sting
 photo C173DF83-AB0D-4B8E-98EA-4B12DB8019E4_zpstisjjqyk.jpg

 photo 5674B1BC-8D4F-4CF8-B540-F8775167D1B6_zpsrcjgd53r.jpg

 photo 89614D5D-6F7F-460E-AF18-285C754BEB5F_zpsdrm7jtus.jpg

 photo E2752D01-0450-443F-967F-D2C880BA5888_zpsvag8xrrl.jpg

Lesnar hits Sting with a chair
 photo 16163A5A-970A-425C-8D8B-4B3D62F10244_zpsdyylhr1s.jpg

Lesnar: "Play time is over I'm a REAL monster and I don't pretend I'm a movie character OK?"
 photo AA79973B-43F2-4D4D-B943-9EB382F845D3_zps87r3bfk5.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"