Sting: "Whoooooo I did it I thank all of my little Stingers!"
 photo F8F6D771-98B8-46E6-B048-3855F4FB731B_zpsnv1fmhq4.jpg

Sting: "I have finally rid the title of the part timers this one if for the Stingers!"
 photo F8F6D771-98B8-46E6-B048-3855F4FB731B_zpsnv1fmhq4.jpg

Ric Flair's theme hits  photo B2373BA7-0E0F-4DA0-BEBB-198363183665_zpsdamkmco3.jpg

Sting: "Ric you want a shot? Get in here and lets do it old school NWA style!"
Ric: "Hold on big man I'm retired it's my daughter Charlotte's time!"
Charlotte: "I want a title shot!"
 photo 5B689F7A-A86B-474A-96F8-3A0C35C41BEF_zpsfkgw4hpa.jpg

Ric: "You heard her she wants a title shot! Give it to her you jack ass!"
 photo 69AB2F24-B047-4960-A652-69565F632E2B_zps069fhwvm.jpg

Sting: "Honey I'm not going to wrestle a woman!"
Charlotte: "I'm not your honey honey and I will win the title off of you!"
 photo 5B689F7A-A86B-474A-96F8-3A0C35C41BEF_zpsfkgw4hpa.jpg

Ric: "You hear that The flairs have waged war against you stinger!"
 photo 5B689F7A-A86B-474A-96F8-3A0C35C41BEF_zpsfkgw4hpa.jpg

Mean Gene: "Wow well my guest at this time a new comer wink wink The Prototype!"
 photo FF6B3028-B0E1-4806-83E4-5914C37221E5_zpscmwduibk.jpg

The Prototype: "Gene, later I'm going to challenge Brock Lesnar to a fight!"
 photo F437B6CD-4EA7-420C-84C9-CF15669466A2_zpsinua32wu.jpg

Mike Tenay: "In order to promote the movie The Hateful eight we are holding an 8 man tournament over the next few weeks!"
Don West: "Don't ya just hate that?"

Fandango dances
 photo 84521E88-D2C3-4F8A-B411-FB873683809F_zpsw43feo65.jpg

 photo 1367B1FC-158A-47C2-BF78-DBFA71A328E7_zpscuvmcjwk.jpg

 photo 20C9FC58-768E-42DD-8737-920F46E7A48D_zpshmputb9d.jpg

Roman Reigns' theme hits
 photo E2CA2720-5EC8-48EB-9A60-E64731EE434D_zpsawcgylxc.jpg

spear to Fandango
 photo 5DC94934-CEAE-4E19-9A6B-40188AFC4510_zpswvwjjbks.jpg

 photo E055ED2D-6892-4C12-AC06-74E7FC9A4EA9_zpsnokose8d.jpg

Reigns dances
 photo 5DB4A086-28CD-4358-99BC-EB4D91DC3CCD_zpszjhqvf6x.jpg

Kamala: "I think I know why we ain't selected fo dat tournement!"
Oreo: "Because people don't hate us they love us!"
 photo 130A0572-0E4F-4735-B30C-79410AA10CC6_zpsicfjgpbz.jpg

Bo Dallas: "Rikishi you will lose to me just like you better lose weight!"
 photo 99FA7928-B2F1-40DB-886B-BB4ABA2227B6_zpswqfjaflx.jpg

Rikishi's theme hits
 photo AA8753E8-8280-473F-AF34-A3B1A02C6E5E_zpsjziivg0r.jpg

Bo: "How's the diet coming along?"
Rikishi: "You gonna ge a taste of my ASS!"
 photo 94192B48-8E82-4B3B-A900-64F537474905_zps7sdfdgsn.jpg

boot to Bo
 photo 279C06F2-CA2E-4DCE-BAF0-C122FC0CF9A4_zpsjdmvy1aa.jpg

Rikishi: "BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!"
 photo 3E7937DC-1562-4947-A6B8-6E2C2A6A8072_zpsqglcoinu.jpg

Rikishi: "Jenny Craig my ass!"
 photo 2C4FFFA6-8198-428D-881E-DB78926495F6_zpsoraf21q5.jpg

 photo 57574832-4841-4DD8-8B03-3649468EC4D9_zpsbv8n0tym.jpg

1......2...3 WINNER: RIKISHI  photo 62E4E369-2B48-4E5C-A015-237ADD03D89C_zpsp3brqult.jpg

 photo 558F572D-877A-4232-B677-2703B22246F9_zpsy8khyhln.jpg

The Prototype: "Lesnar you want some come get some!"
 photo 558F572D-877A-4232-B677-2703B22246F9_zpsy8khyhln.jpg

Brock Lesnar's theme hits
 photo B1CC22E2-313B-4C65-97F2-8CD76D1C3FCE_zpseispmzli.jpg

punches the prototype
 photo C35B4BF0-7F2B-4FB7-B7EC-E2A47DF9E735_zpsesezwxsf.jpg

 photo B27D693A-EDA3-4A6E-B910-3AC49A403578_zpss6ctrmee.jpg

head scissors
 photo F5AD42F6-5D02-4944-90D8-8447B2E5F84F_zpsrkqem4hs.jpg

Lesnar tries to fight out
 photo FBAB476E-C5CD-41A1-90BD-868D0E77EDB1_zpsp5tw1qlq.jpg

Lesnar grabs the legs
 photo B2D80603-BB9A-4CD7-B80E-5931D71EC698_zpsoamxwsyz.jpg

 photo 039C9845-2AD0-4173-B784-DC1F1DFDD729_zpsvszw7qun.jpg

punches down the prototype
Lesnar: "You punk I'm gonna beat you one on one match!"
 photo ABC11BDD-DAAE-4805-B712-143CF810797E_zpstwjmp2z8.jpg

Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"