Brock Lesnar: "I don't forget OK? I put my career on the line and that faggot goldydust he pinned me."
 photo Photo Mar 09 10 55 36 AM_zpsirynm6h0.jpg

Lesnar: "C'mon out goldy and get ya ass kicked I don't forget ok?"
 photo Photo Mar 09 10 55 41 AM_zpsy4oqgm29.jpg

Goldust: "Can you handle me?"
 photo Photo Mar 09 10 56 06 AM_zpsrp0pmpuj.jpg

Lesnar: "Shut UP! LETS DO THIS?"
 photo Photo Mar 09 10 56 22 AM_zps9lm9j3mu.jpg

suplex to Goldust
 photo Photo Mar 09 10 56 31 AM_zps1fdmmlam.jpg

punches to Goldust
 photo Photo Mar 09 10 56 37 AM_zpsdejqa2zu.jpg

Kimora lock to Goldust
 photo Photo Mar 09 10 56 54 AM_zpsd3pbrjpf.jpg

Goldust taps
 photo Photo Mar 09 10 56 55 AM_zpssq7ipcro.jpg

Lesnar: "Prototype you have to put your career on the line OK?"
 photo Photo Mar 09 10 57 26 AM_zpso6zgmg0i.jpg

spear to bret hart
 photo 59C780FD-BDB3-4490-9E18-0F9CABEEC839_zpsk9qw5qew.jpg

leg drop to bret
 photo 49929FB3-CF0D-4167-A497-5AF5A9F66E17_zpshendjanr.jpg

another spear to bret
 photo 727D7427-3666-4AD2-B515-0466A9AF842D_zpspzujex6w.jpg

Roman goes for the title
 photo 2C022AB5-6F95-4206-AB91-A8F0A146C853_zpss6gcnwlm.jpg

Batista sr: "We are the best father and son duo on fun Friday to prove it well call out anyone!"
 photo E5A4E662-644F-4280-A35F-04BCA95372D4_zps9w9oygxf.jpg

Kofi Kingston: "Hey mon try us!"
 photo F4CADA6F-B8B7-45CF-A405-1A356354B78F_zpslkz2s8xf.jpg

spear to colin
 photo 8973CDEE-7E4B-4FB9-BD7A-0D0485900532_zps2ejsoqdh.jpg

botched slam to colin
 photo 81E8ECBC-62F4-4E4E-B84B-7CF6FFC201F3_zpswyhzgtp8.jpg

2 on 1 to Kofi
 photo 33472968-4C74-4123-B3AD-116539D1802A_zpskjnfbmyx.jpg

double power bomb to kofi
 photo D5B0E37E-B330-4762-83EB-CAE140859E7D_zpsaqvvdvtw.jpg

 photo CDBF8E3B-4E07-4342-918A-D267930A147C_zpsd7vv9xwx.jpg

Batista: "I want that prototype next week AGAINST US it's un finished business!"
 photo CDBF8E3B-4E07-4342-918A-D267930A147C_zpsd7vv9xwx.jpg Bill Rock: "I hope everyone had fun!"

Fun Friday

April 1st Kalamazoo, MI

Roman Reigns vs Bret Hart for the Texas title

Brock Lesnar vs The Prototype 

(if Prototype wins John Cena returns and Brock Lesnar is fired if Brock Lesnar wins Prototype is fired)

Charlotte vs Sting for the Fun Friday Championship