Mean Gene: "Happy Easter my guest at this time... It's Bayley!"  photo 2016-03-23 11.45.25_zpsa0sdlehz.jpg

Bayley: "Gene, I want to thank all my fans for supporting me and I know I'm here to WRESTLE!"
 photo 2016-03-23 11.45.43_zpschlej0is.jpg

Bayley: "I feel great I'm great! Just great. Really great! Oh, maybe I should have a match next week?"
 photo 2016-03-23 11.45.43_zpschlej0is.jpg

Niki Bella: "Well if you want a match We are BELLA STRONG!"
 photo 2016-03-23 11.46.04_zpsupj7b1gu.jpg

Nikki slaps Bayley
 photo 2016-03-23 11.46.18_zpszr63zo1g.jpg

eva marie takes down nikki
 photo 2016-03-23 11.47.01_zpsazg7unre.jpg

Lana: "Brie you are a number one BITCH! I HATE YOU!"
 photo 2016-03-23 11.47.11_zpsafn50z3p.jpg

Summer Rae Paige and Viki jump Bayley
 photo 2016-03-23 11.47.31_zpsnepen1b9.jpg

Sting: "Thanks for allt the help guys I want to let you know when I face Charlotte I'm doing this BY MYSELF! YEAH IT WILL BE SHOW TIME!"
 photo 2016-03-23 11.47.56_zpskvkbfgmb.jpg

Ric Flair: "Ya know Charlotte the plan is in motion. Every Horsemen or horsewomen have plans and schemes."  photo 2016-03-23 11.48.40_zps04idkkuw.jpg

Charlotte: "Dad are you sure this will work?"
Ric: "Charlotte how do you think I got out of those divorces I have a plan."  photo 2016-03-23 11.48.18_zpsl2hhp2xw.jpg

Bret Hart: "We have a 5th man come on out!"
 photo 2016-03-23 11.49.43_zps8ge1zmyp.jpg

Brock Lesnar's theme hits
 photo 2016-03-23 11.50.02_zps1nbjajkj.jpg

Lesnar: "Get those assholes out here so I can beat the PISS outta them!"
 photo 2016-03-23 11.50.14_zps6ikiuuhz.jpg

Tony Chimel: "Here comes TEAM BABYFACE!"
 photo 2016-03-23 11.50.59_zps3mkthgo1.jpg

The prototype jumps Lesnar
 photo 2016-03-23 11.51.26_zpsumd2ux9n.jpg

Reigns spears Bret Hart jr
 photo 2016-03-23 11.51.24_zpszymmw95v.jpg

Oreo chop blocks Bret Hart
 photo 2016-03-23 11.51.42_zps1b6wc46k.jpg

double bear hug to Goldust
 photo 2016-03-23 11.51.56_zps3irwdk5i.jpg

double power bomb to Goldust
 photo 2016-03-23 11.52.29_zpschyk1mvm.jpg

F5 to Oreo
 photo 2016-03-23 11.52.52_zpssacvzqru.jpg

2 on 1 to Kamala
 photo 2016-03-23 11.52.37_zpsoa6vvzxv.jpg

Reigns spear to Lesnar
 photo 2016-03-23 11.53.06_zpsgzt9hw4h.jpg

Bret hits Kamala with the Texas title
 photo 2016-03-23 11.53.25_zpsbyqrrdzh.jpg

another Reigns spear to Bret Jr
 photo 2016-03-23 11.53.55_zpserhforzt.jpg

Batista sr pile drives Kamala
 photo 2016-03-23 11.53.43_zpsile9fcfj.jpg

Prototype hits Batista sr with the chair
 photo 2016-03-23 11.54.22_zpsavuvny36.jpg

Prototype: "This is a free sample!"
 photo 2016-03-23 11.54.18_zpsesj5ajrz.jpg

Oreo hits Bret sr with an otter box
 photo 2016-03-23 11.54.47_zpswwa0vtas.jpg

F5 to Prototype
 photo 2016-03-23 11.55.00_zps0y66jedm.jpg

 photo 2016-03-23 11.55.14_zpsaytjodgc.jpg

Lesnar kicks out
 photo 2016-03-23 11.55.16_zpsygcmw1jn.jpg

yet another Reigns spear to Bret jr
 photo 2016-03-23 11.55.40_zpsm6q82skh.jpg

 photo 2016-03-23 11.56.14_zpsnxbmxi0q.jpg

Prototype hits Lesnar
 photo 2016-03-23 11.56.21_zps63n7xuoj.jpg

Reigns: "I will reign all over that Texas title!"
Prototype: "Lesnar it's payback time! THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL!"
 photo 2016-03-23 11.57.21_zpsohz4gvep.jpg