Mean Gene: "Welcome to Fun Friday. I have a guest who many people are calling a loser."
 photo 2D7CEB89-9328-444B-AFBC-6D2510B3AA4D_zpsfexkrbdz.jpg

Gene: "To me he isn't a loser he's a long time close personal dear friend of mine!"
 photo F750AFF3-18DD-4CE8-86D5-8E8AD3CEFE4B_zpsca0lirvm.jpg

Reigns: "Gene, I am a loser I lost to Maniacos twice. I suck..."
 photo 24A7B86D-9F36-4032-9F6B-3FB832BF4AC6_zps98uj00tk.jpg

Maniacos: "After I beat that loser banaloser dozer I challenge anyone who wants a shot at this greek salad dudes!"
 photo 21A5F151-7A82-40FE-98D8-D5F8CF0A8685_zpsbkzoizhu.jpg

Maniacos: "Come up to the plate and push the plate jack! I want to see some greekness aggression JACK!
 photo B840A88E-02A1-430F-A112-6B3D03B2C172_zpsfyukof3v.jpg

Batista: "Maniacos, this is for you... pay attention!"
 photo 775A1BF6-3E7A-4872-A96C-BB9B1F239BCE_zpsrsrqoibu.jpg

Batista: "I have been on Fun Friday since day one and I have never won a title."
 photo 40024AF4-6287-4C53-A6EC-4C4D63D033B0_zps7bc0qp61.jpg

Batista: "Anyone who wants to fight me for number one contendership come on out!"
 photo 40024AF4-6287-4C53-A6EC-4C4D63D033B0_zps7bc0qp61.jpg

Xpac's theme hits  photo 94F09560-8A4F-4633-AD03-D7A772521902_zpsb1maxe9e.jpg

Xpac: "Your ass is grasss and I'm gonna blow it! or eat it YEAAAH!"
 photo 94F09560-8A4F-4633-AD03-D7A772521902_zpsb1maxe9e.jpg

Spear to Xpac
 photo BFF7B680-8771-478F-8628-5FA8F4D725B2_zpsz9dnr5ef.jpg

punches to Xpac
 photo 8A54E274-7681-4F41-8934-209315FA8146_zpsiuzourau.jpg

Xpac puts Batista in the corner
 photo 365987C4-A148-41A9-A39C-7E0B06323095_zpshttpccqh.jpg

X pac sets up for the Bronco Buster
 photo 0712841A-B4C7-438B-9F41-BA49051793AE_zpsqeplumdy.jpg

Batista catches Xpac
 photo DA3E3396-B2EB-40D0-8711-0A6B762BECBC_zpsveftm6oi.jpg

Batista bomb to X pac
 photo 187BDFA6-06C0-45C2-B730-23D0C42ED783_zpsutbbzt8z.jpg

 photo EDD184F6-6712-4AD8-A2E7-78F2CAE2A7A4_zpsxatop4k5.jpg

Batista: "Maniacos I hope you saw that I want a shot and finally I will win a title!"
 photo 8E37A2AA-9F2E-4F1A-9033-A89D3C94DB98_zpsygxhngun.jpg

Maniacos: "You batistro want a show daddy welll alrights dude c'mon you phillipino scum you ain't greek and if it aint greek your a FREAK!"
 photo B840A88E-02A1-430F-A112-6B3D03B2C172_zpsfyukof3v.jpg