Warrior: "Everyone Thank me! I did this! Just show the fucking press release! Show the buisness deal I made!"

Warrior: "Thats right! I run this! I am big business! I am the representive for Bounty they mentioned!"

Warrior: "Now with corprate backing we can do whatever THE FUCK WE WANT!
Now have a man who bears the confederate flag Come on out Dennis Knight!

Warrior: "Since I am the Bounty Rep and I believe in destrucity I say we bring out Khali!"

boot to Dennis Knight by Khali

Bearhug to Dennis Knight
Warrior:"Thats it! You are good! You are good! Who wants next?"

Warrior: "I have something for everyone since I am the Bounty Rep I know what business is!

Warrior: "You want business? Well This man Michael Tarver is the first graduate of warrior university!"

Warrior: "I give this man my full endorsement ANY body want to fight the man who LIVES WARRIOR WILDNESS!"

Turtle: "I think Dennis needs medical attention!"
Warrior: "I don't give a fuck who wants to FIGHT a man who lives the WARRIOR WAY!"

a turtle does a leg take down to Michael Tarver

a turtle goes for the Kimura arm lock

Michael Tarver: "I GIVE UP! I QUIT!"

Warrior: "Turn the fucking camera off! I said turn it FUCKING OFF!"

Warrior: "STOP THE SHOW!"