Warrior: "I came here for one reason to attack and ATTACK and keep coming!"

Warrior: "Not to ask but just to give not to want just to sin!
Show the FUCKING EMAIL! Well Bounty you are gonna get sick of it!

Warrior: "C'mon in Bounty nightmares are the best part of my day! So I don't give a shit if it as a normal person!"

Warrior: "Now I feel the message from the Gods above and they sent me this! WHO IN THE FUCK IS CHAINS?"

Warrior: "Who ever sent that message to me Khali show them what happens Ring the FUCKING bell!"

Boot to Rocksteady

Khali throws RockSteady into the turtles

Warrior: "Who ever is the man who sent me that message I live for ANGER and Combat! Right Khali?"

Warrior: "Now the two men who live in the path of the warrior come on out!"

Warrior: "These two men have given in to the WARRIOR ways and they know who sent me that message on the scroll!"

Warrior: "Now you two have told me it's Chains... Chains get out here!

Mark Canterbury and Dennis Knight beat down Chains

Warrior: "WE have vanquished Chains so I say to the Gods in the heaven above bring me the whimpy bounty rep!"