Warrior: "JOHN CENA! What you did to the Warrior last week... Warrior will NOT stand for it!"
Michael Tarver: "Cena it's payback time!"

Warrior: "Cena if you can beat my attorney Daivd Otunga you can face me one on one!"

Otunga: "If Mr. Cena were to beat me here today which is highly unlikely he MAY face Warrior one on one..."

Otunga: "What Mr. Cena did last week was... That's totally inappropriate.
It's lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous! I ask Mr. Cena to step out here to-"

John Cena's theme hits

Cena: "Soooo I have to fight you right now? OK I can do that!"

DDT to Otunga

Cena goes for the STF

Cena: "What do you say?"

Otunga: "I quit! I quit!"
Warrior: "Tarver Get em!"

Tarver jumps Cena

AA to Tarver

Khali hits Cena with the ring post

Khali chokes Cena with the ring post

Warrior: "You want to fight the WARRIOR next week! HUH? WELLL THE WARRIOR YOU ARE GONNA GET!"