Otunga: "I am The legal representive for Warrior and the interm host today!"

Otunga: "Now introducing from Parts Unknown.... THE WAAAARRIOR!"

Warrior's theme hits

Warrior runs to the ring

Warrior: "Cena... GET here and take the beating from THE WARRIOR!"

John Cena's theme hits

Otunga: "Oh and Cena this is now a handicap match!"

Khali jumps Cena

Otunga: "Khali get em! Get em!"

Warrior punches Cena

Warrior chokes Cena

Warrior botches a clothesline

Warrior botches a slam to Cena


Cena kicks out

STF to Warrior

Otunga: "OK.. Khali Plan B!"

Khali knocks over the titantron onto the ring

Otunga: "I sure hope Mr. Warrior moved out of the way."