Warrior: "Can you hear me? Can me calling you WARRIORS?
I bring in the dollars! I do everything for the little WARRIORS!"

Warrior: "Show the press release I made! This contest I put together!"

HeMan: "Actually Warrior I set it up!"

HeMan: "Yes thats rightr Dutch Boy paints will put up one million dollars to the winner!"
Warrior: "Fine I will win and I have a PLAN THE WARRIOR ALWAYS HAS A PLAN!"

Mainiakos hits Tarver with a chair

Tarver takes down Khali

Warrior: "You don't have any friends like ME!!"
Maniakos: "OK DUDE I got someone whos got my back JACK!"

HeMan: "Maniakos you have a partner?"

Maniakos: "This is my partner for the match my BROTHER THE pharaoh!"

the pharaoh puts a sleeper hold on Khali

Maniakos: "Were gunna get that check DUDE!"

Maniakos and The pharaoh pose down