HeMan: "Welcome to the 2020 Christmas Tree match sponsored by Dutch Boy paints!"

HeMan: "We have a special guest Rhonda Rousey. Rhonda what do you think of this here tonight?"
Rhonda Rousey: This is great! Just great! Really great! Really, really great!"

Rousey: "Oh, HeMan is so great! This is so great! I'm so excited!"

Maniakos theme hits

The Godwins jump Maniakos and the pharaoh

Michael Tarver jumps in

Great Khali walks into the 3 punches

Big Boot to Tarver

Maniakos goes for the ladder

Maniakos: "I swear this is for the Maniacs!"
Rousey: Oh! He swears like he thinks I don't believe him. I believe you. I believe you! Oh, he's so funny!

Warrior: "Hey Maniakos check out my newest graduate of Warrior University!

Big Cass jumps Maniakos

Big Cass beats down Maniakos

Warrior: "The Little Warrios know I have powers BUT did the little Warriors know I have a new power?

Warrior: "I have these new WINGS and I have had my Warrior University class design them!"

Warrior falls

Warrior lands on Big Cass

Maniakos: "OK DUDES It's time to go in the sky!"

Maniakos: "DUDE I'm going to fly and this aint gonna be like that Icarus DUDE!"

Maniakos: "I'm a greek god BROTHER and I will now do what Hermes did JACK!"

Maniakos grabs the check

HeMan: "Congrats to Maniakos you won the one million dollars!"
Maniakos: "I dedicate this win to all the Maniacs!"

Maniakos: "This one goes to the big guy up stairs!"

Maniakos: "My maniacs are the shield, and I'm the sword... BROTHER!"