Warrior: "WE ARE back and WARRIOR is still pissed off from what happend on Christmas eve!"

Warrior: "I know another man who is STILL PISSED so Warrior asks that moral man to come on out!

The pharaoh's theme hits

The pharaoh: "AS Maniaco's blood brother he didn't give me a cut of the check!"

Maniacos: "HOLD ON BROTHER! Bother Brt- I mean pharaoh DUDE I gave you a car!"

Maniacos: "I paid for your facial surgery MAN! I PAID FOR THAT MAN!"
Warrior: "He's Tired of it and-"

Maniacos: "Warrior You stay out of this man Or I'll do your ASS GREEK STLYE DUDE!"

Michael Tarver trips Maniacos

beatdown to Maniacos

Warrior: "That that fucking mask off!"

Warrior: "LOOK AT MEEEEEEEE I will destory this whole Mania!"

Stay Puft Marshmello man comes out

Warrior: "Thats right you and a partner versus Warrior and HIS CREW!"

Warrior: "YOU CAN PICK ANYONE! I have my WARRIOR believers!"