Warrior: "The Warrior is an invalid he can't compete anymore sooo Warrior says..."

Rob Gronkowski's theme hits

Gronk: "Sorry Warrior The Gronk Man has cometh!"

Gronk: "And I am here to endorse calypso lemonade! I am HERE TO PARTY!"

Warrior: "Listen here FREAK I don't open my doors to an fake man from San Fransico!"
Gronk: "Oh Warrior you didn't see press release! Show it!"

Warrior: "Warrior was not aware of what passed by my desk."
Gronk: "Well Warrior Gronk brings in dollars and Gronk has made a match soooo-"

Gronk: "Gronk's new wrestler Introducing Scareglow!"

Gronk: "Please turn down the house lights.."

Gronk: "Look he glows!"

Jerry Lawler: "Hey Gronk you also signed THE KING And I gotta face this glow stick!"

Lawler: "He looks like a bad halloween decoration you would see at Dollar Tree!"

Lawler: "I mean I am wasting my time but if calypso lemonade wants me to beat up a glow stick I will!"

Lawler: "This guy in a bad skelton costume is whiter than an egg and I will smash the hard boiled egg on Easter!"

Warrior: "I do not want the queen of wrestling in my WORLD!"
King: "Well sorry Warrior I am here to beat down a glow stick!"


Scareglow vs Jerry "The King" Lawler