Conrad Thompson: "Hey Hey dis is Conrad Thompson this is da legends only league!"
Steve Mongo McMichael: "We got all the action here!"

Conrad: "Ric tell em bout da four horsemen in 2022!"
Ric Flair: "When ya Walk da aisle and you know wut dey get their butt beat because when you go to bed with the big boys you're gonna feel some pain in the morning!"

Flair: "Now Dusty let me tell you something buddy we've been kickin ya ass for years and I kissed all da looking gals on the way!"

Flair: "What you don't like about me? It'z dat I'm rich I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth you know where you were born in the gutter you're trash!"

Flair: "And fer yearz I zaid dat I wined and dined wit beautiful women and let me tell you something Duztea listen real close you are Texaz gutter trash!"

Flair: "When da horzemen gets you at the 30 minute mark when ya going please nature boy finish me off I can't rezeefe nother spinebuster!"

Dusty Rhodes: "Little Ricky dicky Flair!"

Flair: "When da horzemen lay ya out ya guna zay what's cauzin all dis?"

Dusty: "Naw daddeh we gonna say-"

Conrad: "Oh nooo.."

Dusty: "We be here What do you want hera Piper dis is between me and Ricky Flair."
Piper: "Were takin Cena out. Cena he has NO friends NOOOOOObody wants to help Johnny Cena."

John Cena tries to run in and is jumped by the turtles

Conrad: "What the fuck aye I don't want turtles here! Dusty Mongo stop this!"
Piper: "Dis is What were all about.. Were bout beating up John Cena!"

Dusty and Mongo try to break the brawl up


Sting beats down the turtles

Sting throws down Piper

Flair: "Hey fat boy Dusty get back over here!"
Dusty: "We got Sting back herea and uhhh we be-"
Scorpion death drop to Piper

Sting grabs Cena