Conrad Thompson: "Hey Hey Conrad Thompson here and welcome to the legends only league!"
Steve Mongo McMichael: "Well, Conrad this is going to be reserved for legends!"

Mongo: "And I am a football legend and a horsemen so you critics can suck on that!"

Conrad: "On Ric Flair's podcast he had sum words fo Dusty!"

Ric Flair: "Duztea dinks he can mess wit us Gonrad naw he don't kno bout da 2022 horzemen we guna take em out!"

Conrad: "Yah dats ryte! Oh and let me introduce a nuther legned it's da 'merican dream Dusty Rhodes!"

Dusty Rhodes' theme hits

Mongo: "You tell em dream!"
Conrad: "Show da keeds wut a promo is dreem!"
Dusty Rhodes: "It be learnin tree tyme!"

Dusty: "First of all I would to thank the many, many fans throughout dis kuntrey dat tweeteded to Dusty Rhodes."

Dusty: "Da Dweam is back daddeh! And dis resslin bizness is in HARD TIMES!"

Dusty: "D's keeds don't know what hard times are daddy. Hard times are when da twittah workers round dis country are out of work dey cant pay da wages cant buy da food."

Dusty: "And hard times are when a man has worked at a job for dirty years, dirty years, dey kick him in the butt and say "Hey ya been me too'd!"

Dusty: "We all have hard time togetha yah we all know bout wut FTX did to everyone and it's lyke Ric Flair!"

Dusty: "And Ric Flair you put hard times on dis country by talken bout Dusty Rhodes on ya poddy cast!"

Dusty: "And dis merican dream my belly be just a lil big my heinys a lil big but im guna flush ya down da potty!"

Ric Flair: "What are you saying huh fat boy?

Flair: "You know how long I wanted to put yew out uf wrestling!"
Dusty: "I know when you started wrestlin years ago yew wanted to be ME! And now you put HARD TIMES on da drewem!"

Flair: "HA I wanted to be you? I am a limo-"
Dusty: "Yeah we know da speil ok I'm talkin HARD TIMES!"

Conrad: "What da fuck?"
Mongo: "I smell sewage!"

Dusty: "Wut are you dewin huh I'm runnin down Ricky Flair!"
Conrad: "You don't belong here!"
Roddy Piper: "Hay fat ass you talk bout hard times It's guna be hard times when I run ya over!"

Ric: "Lets get outa here!"
Dusty: "Daddeh come on take me on I am bad and dey kno im bad!"
Piper: Hard times is when Hot rod runs over a orca whale lyke you!"

John Cena jumps Piper

Cena punches Piper

Conrad: "You two go the fuck away you two guys I mean turtles are NOT Fucking legends!"

The ninja turtles attack Cena

Piper: "Dis ain't over until Hot Rod says it's over!"

Conrad: "What the fuck are you doing on my show?"

Piper stomps on Conrad