David Crockett: "Welcome to when tomorrow comes! This is a great card right Bob?"
Bob Caudle: "It really is david and let me bring out...."

Bob: "The American dream Dusty Rhodes!"
Dusty Rhodes' theme hits

Bob: "Dusty the fans wanna hear from you."
Dusty: "Wheeeeeeeeeeew wow yaaaaaaaaah!"

Dusty: Yah dis dang is guna happen da rhodes family is guna take care of dem tortoisaaaes!"

Dusty: "Me mah suns codee and dustin we gona go out thera and show em!"

Dusty: "We guna do thang Bob so let me bring out mah suns!"

Dusty: "Yah mah sun dis iz rasslin dis is da rhodes family!"

Roddy Piper's theme hits

the turtles jump Cody and Dustin
Crockett: "Haaa what are you guys doin get outta here!"

Piper: "AYYYYY Dusty HA look at your two sons I think Cody is switching teams he guna be lyke Dustin!"
Dusty: "Ya don't say mah keds names yah damn turtle!"

Shoulder tackle to Piper

Dusty: "You don't say my keds names ya unnerstand?"

Piper punches Dusty

Piper gives Dusty the bionic Elbow


Dusty kicks out

Piper: "Get em!"

Cody gives the turtles the cross rhodes

Piper: "AY Dusty you lyke magic?"

Dusty kicks Piper in the balls

Bionic elbow to Piper


Piper kicks out

Piper goes for the sleeper hold

sleeper hold to Dusty

lights go out

both men are down

Cody: "Dad get up!"

Cody: "Dad... dad hes out!"

Cody: "My dad cant go on!"

Conrad Thompson: "Hey Hey Conrad Thompson here yew wanna save money of course yew dew goto mah site!"

Bob: "Fans what a show so far right David?"
Crockett: "It's been great bob and lets bring out the nature boy Ric Flair!"

Bob: "Ric Flair! The fans wanna hear from you!"
Flair: "JEFF JARRETT! You are guna loze ok I paid da price ovah da yearz you aint shit pal!"

Flair: "That big injin aint shit eidder I am da real deal da nature boy!"

Flair: "So go ahead your guna be fazen da man as in DA REAL MAN!"

Welcome to my world by Jim Reeves plays

Flair punches Khali

Khali no sells

Khali picks up Flair

Khali chokes Flair
Jeff: "Yeah choke em Khali! Kill em!"

Flair punches Khali


Figure Four to Khali

Jarrett grabs Khali

Flair low blows Khali

Flair: "Da big man iz guna do down!"

Flair puts the figure four back on Khali

Jeff: "Time for mark! Hey Mark get yer ass out here!"

Jeff: "Do it or you will never see Percy Pringle again!"

Khali grabs the rope

Flair goes to the top rope

Khali grabs Flair

Flap jack to Flair

Jeff: "OH SHIT!"

Mark Callous: "Uhhhhhhhh..."
Jeff: "Khali pin him!"




Jeff: "I did it! I did it!"

Jeff: "Yer looken at da new naturee booooooooooooy!"