Bob Caudle: "Welcome to the show wrestling fans!"
David Crockett: "We got John Cena this week and he's PISSED OFF!"

Bob: "Wrestling fans Lets bring em out.. John Cenaaaa!"

John Cena's theme hits

Bob: "So the wrestling fans wanna know whats on your mind John?"
John Cena: "HEY Roddy Piper I beat you and you have the nerve to knock on my door in the middle of the night!"

Cena: "I don't know what you want from me and Nikki it has been so scary for Nikki."

Cena: "Nikki says she hears knocking on the door and someone screaming let me in!"

Cena: "I know it's you Roddy and I'm gonna let this fit up your ass! So you wanna be prowler now?"

Cena: "He's Not a ninja turtle he's a GOD DAMN PROWLER.. HE'S PROWLING IN THE MOHAWK VALLEY gated community!"


Roddy Piper: "Ay Johnny boy I aint stalken or prowlen yer gal she's ugleee anyways why wuld i do dat?"

Piper: "Ay johnny boy Nikkie has dem giant fake taatahs doze thangs can put an eye out I don't like fake taa taahs!"

Piper: "You think I want daat gal no... And we be done ok me moved on from yew ya goof!"

Dusty elbows Piper

Cena: "Dats what you get Piper!"
Bob: "You sure it was Roddy that did this?"

Cody Rhodes: "I'm here dad I can help!"

Dusty Rhodes: "Ay kid go to tha back you aint ready."

Cody: "You don't tell me what to do!"
Dusty: "Im yer daddeh I say what goes sun!"
Crockett: "Break it up! We'll see ya next week!"